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In a recent thread on reddit, Reav3 explained that Quinn could be receiving an update. Is this true though?

Will Quinn receive a Rework?

News 18-01-2022 10:19

Warden Quinn
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Quinn was released back in 2013, making her almost 10-years-old. Last year, she was included as a pick to get a Visual and Gameplay Update but lost the poll to Udyr. She was a so-called ‘wild card’ thrown onto the list to see player interest in Demacia’s Wings.

With ASU’s becoming much more prominent and the announcement of Ahri receiving a visual update in 2022, can we also hope for Quinn to receive some love from Riot? Well, the few Quinn mains out there might be in luck.

Will Quinn Receive a VGU in 2022?

Quinn getting a VGU in 2022 is highly unlikely since she did not win the poll last year. That honor goes to none other than Udyr whose update should go live at some point this spring. She also wasn’t included on the list of VGU updates for 2023 either, that honor is going to Kog’Maw.

So, how come we believe that Quinn could get an update in 2022? Well, in a Reddit post, Ryan “Reav3” Mireles explained that he’d thrown Quinn into the mix in 2021 to gauge community response.

When Did Quinn Receive Her Last Update?

If we aren’t talking about any buffs and nerfs – though those are far and few between as well – then her last update came in 2015 when Riot reworked her abilities. Did that help her become a meta champion? Hardly.

Quinn hasn’t seen much playtime in recent times. Sure, we had instances where we saw what she could do in the hands of a pro throughout the years, but she continues to be nothing more than a niche pick for some players. Sure, her win rate sits at a respectable 50.9%, but her play rate is down at 1.3%.

Quinn 11
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Why Do We Think Quinn Will Receive A Rework?

She might not be on the receiving end of a huge VGU like Dr. Mundo, Fiddlesticks and Udyr received, but Reav3 explained on Reddit that there is much internal interest for her to get updated, which could be the catalyst for a Quinn mini rework.

Of course, the team will work on finishing the Udyr rework and get started on the VGU that was voted on in recent times, but that doesn’t mean that Quinn is completely off the table. With the introduction of ASU’s and smaller visual updates, Quinn could receive some love by the end of 2022.

Hell, maybe an update will boost her play rate and make her a top-tier top laner? Maybe we will see her played in the LEC in 2023 then, or even at the 2022 World Championship? We can only hope.

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