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Worlds 2022: This Is Not a Record You Want to Hold


The League of Legends Worlds Championship always brings new records to the table. Though last Friday, RNG Ming set a rather unfortunate record in the history of Worlds.

Worlds 2022 is soon over, and last Friday, we got to see T1 dominate over RNG in the Quarterfinals. T1 took every single game against the former LPL superteam, RNG, and ended up going 3-0.

During Game 1, we got to see a rather unconventional support pick by T1 Keria. The Korean Support decided to play Heimerdinger against RNG Ming's Nautilus. While RNG lost the game quite convincingly, RNG Ming did beat a record.

RNG Ming Beats Record for Slowest Damage Done Worlds

Yes, you read right. During the first game in the T1 vs. RNG series, RNG's Support, Ming, beat the record for the slowest damage dealt in a Worlds game.

According to, MoleculeLOL, the very first damage RNG Ming dealt was at a whopping 21 minutes and 6 seconds.

Molecule first noticed the amount of damage dealt by the RNG support when he was looking into T1 Gumayusi's damage on Ashe at minute 15. He then saw that Nautilus had done 0 damage at minute 15. Ashe, on the other hand, had dealt a total of 800 damage.

With the League of Legends World Championship coming to an end for this year, we are excited to see if more records can be set and who will finally take the newly upgraded Summoner's cup home. 

Who do you think will win Worlds 2022?

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