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Another overpriced skin?

LoL Worlds 2023: Digital Pass Raises Huge Questions In The League Community

News 22-09-2023 17:55

The League of Legends 2023 World Championship is right around the corner! As usual, Riot have created a skin to celebrate the occasion. This year, they also released additional goodies for you to purchase – but are these really worth it?

Worlds 2022 Opening Ceremony
Worlds 2023 Unlocked: The Digital Edition is being questioned by the community. | © Riot Games

The Worlds Unlocked experience is back! Ahead of the 2023 World Championship, Riot Games have released some extra goodies for fans (almost) all across the world to purchase. 

During last year's Worlds, fans were able to buy a lot of official Worlds 2022 merch. A badge of Worlds 2023 merch is expected to release later too, but has not been confirmed just yet.

Instead, the first Worlds 2023 Unlocked content we receive are two Worlds bundles. And while the Collector's Edition features amazing and exclusive physical items, the Digital Edition raises some questions among the community.

LoL Worlds 2023 Unlocked: What's Wrong With The Digital Edition?

Worlds 2023 Collectors Edition
Worlds 2023 Unlocked: This is the Collector's Edition, the better of the two bundles available. | © Riot Games

With the Collector's Edition, you will receive a Worlds 2023 Teemo vinyl figurine, a Worlds 2023 Tibbers plush, a Worlds 2023 cap and Worlds 2023 trophy plugs. Additionally, you will also receive all contents of the Digital Edition. 

This edition sets you back $125, but with all the physical collectibles AND the digital goods, it is definitely worth its money! Unfortunately, the same can't quite be said about the Digital Edition.

  • The Collector's Edition is available at Riot's online store right here!

The Digital Edition contains the Worlds 2023 event pass, the Worlds 2023 Renekton skin, an exclusive Worlds 2023 Unlocked chroma for Worlds 2023 Renekton, an exclusive icon, two exclusive emotes and a Worlds Unlocked capsule that is guaranteed to include any Worlds or Championship skin released for previous World Championships.

If we put the RP prices together for an event pass, an epic skin with one chroma, one icon, two emotes and one usual capsule, you will get to an RP value of 4990. This equals roughly $45. If Riot wanted to hit the $65 price tag in value, they'd instead have to include in-game items worth 7450 RP. 

Is the exclusivity of these items really worth an additional $20? This is especially questionable if you consider that the physical items should be worth about $80, which means that the price tag on the Collector's Edition is absolutely appropriate. What were the Rioters thinking?

  • Promise us to spend your Riot Points on something that is worth your money, will you?

The community's reaction is also not entirely happy. While the Collector's Edition seems to be appreciated, Redditors are certainly not happy about the price tag on the Digital Edition.

So far, Riot has not reacted to the backlash. However, if the Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin debacle is any indicator, they will probably not do a lot about it. Let's hope that our Riot overlords embark on a brighter path in 2024!

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