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LoL Patch 13.20: Riot Releases Hotfix After Multiple Bugs Break The Game

Patch Notes 12-10-2023 16:47

LoL Patch 13.20 was a huge patch with a lot of changes to the game, but it seems that the patch added more bugs to League than it fixed. The devs quickly took note of these bugs and released a hotfix. 

Mighty Jax ASU Splash
LoL Patch 13.20: A bunch of bugs came with this patch. | © Riot Games

When LoL Patch 13.20 went live, there were quite a few bugs that seemed to sneak onto the live servers as well, which also stopped players from properly playing the game. Thankfully, the devs worked quickly to fix those issues so that everyone could play League again normally. 

Jungle issues, as well as problems with Illaoi and Jax were quickly picked up on. A hotfix for LoL Patch 13.20 has been added to live servers, which should solve all the issues players noticed. 

LoL Patch 13.20 Shipped With Multiple Bugs 

Jungle Hotfix In Patch 13.20

One of the biggest problems with the patch was the jungle, which was the role and part of the map Riot reworked the most in this patch. Due to some issues, some plants were either misplaced or just didn't spawn at all. 

Not only that, but some junglers also did not receive experience from killing camps if they were too far away from it. This was especially critical for champions like Shaco who basically just AFK farm the jungle with their boxes. 

These issues were quickly fixed according to the LoL Dev account, but there were more issues to be found by the LoL community which needed the help of the dev team. 

Illaoi Issues In Patch 13.20

Ialloi has a very unique E ability with which she rips the spirit from a foe's body. A percentage of the damage the spirit takes will echo to the actual champion. This ability did not work on LoL's newest champion Briar at first, but Riot fixed this bug. It seems though that while the bug fix worked for Briar, it was then moved onto a bunch of other champions like Garen, Riven, Katarina, Mundo and Zac. 

It seems that while the team fixed the issue for Briar, other non-rescource champions were affected and therefore bugged against Illaoi, making her impossible to play. 

Thankfully this bug seems to have also been fixed according to the League of Legends Dev Twitter. 

Jax Reverted After ASU Went Live

Jaximus Jax skin splash
Some Jax problems got fixed! | © Riot Games

Similar to what happened with Ahri when her ASU went live and some of her kit was reverted to an older iteration, Jax also faced these issues. His Art and Sustainability Update finally went live, but with it some of his abilities seemed to have been reset to before the nerfs in LoL Patch 13.14

This was an unintentional change, and therefore the nerfs from Patch 13.14 have been added back to his kit with the hotfix patch. 

Tryndamere Hitbox Fixed

Tryndamere had a pretty wonky hitbox issue. Players would have to hit their opponents right in the middle of their hitbox with his E. This change caused the champion to drop drastically in his pickrate. The bug was first noticed on September 27, 2023 and even reported to Riot Support over Twitter. 

Finally, Riot have issued a statement and a fix for this issue, with more people noticing. Now, Tryndamere is able to use his E and spin to victory once more without pinpoint precision. 

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