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We gettin' a B-Patch

LoL Patch 12.12b - All B-Patch Buffs and Nerfs

Patch Notes
Oh yes, Yuumi is on the B-Patch list too. | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 12.12 was just released last week, but Riot is already announcing a B-Patch for the current meta. With picks like Seraphine, Tahm Kench and Bel'Veth not really being addressed, it's time Riot puts a stop to their dominance, right? 

Well, it's also due to the fact that this patch is going to be a 3-week patch, so instead of playing in a pure Seraphine meta for the next two weeks, Riot is going to nerf her. Of course, other champions are also on the buff and nerf list for this b-patch. 


When is the B-Patch Going Live? 

The B-Patch is set to hit the rift around June 30, 2022. This gives you a few more days on the Seraphine dominance patch, as well as some time to still abuse Tahm Kench in the bot lane as well. Of course, other champions join them on the nerf list. 

So, are you ready for the upcoming changes ahead of the introduction of Nilah to the League of Legends meta? If you're curious about the new bot laner, make sure to check out her abilities and just how insane she is going to be once she hits the Rift. Are you going to be a Nilah main? 

Which Champions Are Getting Buffed and Nerfed in B-Patch 12.12b? 

Which Champions Will be Buffed in LoL Patch 12.12b?

The buff list is pretty meagre for the b-patch. Only four champions will receive some buffs from Riot, one of them being Katarina who got a few changes to stop her from building bruiser items which would make her an unkillable threat in any fight. So, who else joins her on the buff list? 

  • Passive - Backstab
    • AD Ratio 15% --> 25%
  • Q - Deceive
    • AD Ratio 40% --> 50%
  • W - Jack in the Box
    • Cooldown 16s --> 15s
    • Duration P Ratio 5% --> 10%
  • Passive - Voracity
    • AP Ratio: 55% - 88% --> 65% - 95%
  • Q - Bouncing Blade
    • Damage: 75 - 195+30% AP > 80 - 200+35% AP
  • R - Death Lotus
    • On-hit modifier: 28%-35% > 30%-40%
    • AD Ratio per Dagger 16% +16% per 70% bonus AS --> 18% + 18% per 60% bonus AS
  • Passive - Headshot
    • Damage: 50-100% total AD --> 60-110% total AD
  • W - Yordle Snap Trap
    • Bonus Headshot Damage: 60-240 (+40-1200% bonus AD) --> 40-220 (+40-80% bonus AD)
  • Passive - Sunlight
    • Damage 25+7/lvl --> 32+8/lvl

Shaco and Katarina were adjusted in League of Legends Patch 12.12, but the changes haven't hit how Riot wanted them to, so both champions will still receive some buffs ahead of the upcoming League of Legends Patch 12.13 which is going to include the upcoming Star Guardian skins. 

Which Champions Will be Nerfed in LoL Patch 12.12b?

The nerf list is much longer than the buff list this time around. Riot is going all-out with these nerfs so we don't have to suffer from abuse. But Bel'Veth was just nerfed and she is still dominating the jungle meta, so will anything truly change once Riot makes these adjustments? 

  • Base Stats
    • AD Growth: 2 --> 1.7
    • Health Growth 105 --> 99
  • E - Royal Maelstrom
    • Cooldown: 22-14s --> 22-16s
    • Lifesteal: 20-26% --> 20% all ranks
  • R - Endless Banquet
    • Bonus Health Ratio: 165% bonus AD -->120% Bonus AD
  • Base Stats
    • Health: 560 --> 530
  • Q - Piercing Darkness
    • Base Damage: 40-160 --> 30-170
  • W - Last Embrace
    • Root Duration: 1.25-2.25s --> 1-2s
Tahm Kench
  • Base Stats
    • Health Growth: 109 --> 103
  • Passive - An Acquired Taste
    • Bonus Magic Damage Ratio: 4% bonus health --> 3% bonus health
  • R - Lightning Crash
    • Bonus Movement Speed: 1% --> 0.5%
  • E - Nimbus Strike
    • 160% Damgage to monsters --> 120% Damage to monsters
  • R - Cyclone
    • Cooldown: 120-90s --> 130-90s
  • Passive - Stage Presence
    • AP Ratio: 6-9% --> 7%
  • E - Beat Drop
    • Crowd Control Duration 1.5s --> 1.25s
  • Passive - Bop'n'Block
    • Bonus Range: 50 --> 0

The Yuumi changes will likely impact her high elo play. She is a good champion, but lower elos don't know how to properly play around her passive and solely focus on her healing abilities. Who else is sad to see Yuumi getting nerfed? Wait... only me? 

As already mentioned, these changes will likely hit the rift around June 30, 2022 and the next official League of Legends patch will be live on July 13, 2022. That's when you'll finally get your hands on Nilah, as well as those new Star Guardian skins. Hopefully the Star Guardian event is going to be a good one, eh?