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Ashen Knight Pantheon is so cheap!

Can You Get Ashen Knight Pantheon For Free?

Ashen Knight Pantheon
Can you really get this mythic skin for a mere 1000 BE? | © Riot Games

Riot is releasing new unique mythic skins every few months with the new rotation of the League of Legends mythic shop. These skins usually cost 100 Mythic Essence and the first of the bunch was none other than Pyke whom fans praised. 

The second Ashen Knight skin to be added to the inventory was none other than Pantheon. The splash art looks cool, but was he as popular as the previous Ashen Knight skin? Hardly. Fans would have probably preferred to keep Ashen Knight Pyke in the mythic shop instead of this Pantheon skin. 


Negative Reception of Ashen Knight Pantheon Skin

While fans celebrated the Ashen knight Pyke skin, the second of the mythic skins experienced more backlash and negativity. Most fans felt that this skin didn't look unique enough to warrant it being a 100 Mythic Essence skin. While Ashen Knight Pyke was unique and gave the champion a whole new feel, this concept just wasn't something ground-breaking with Pantheon. 

Even the feedback thread on the official League of Legends PBE Subreddit was filled with complaints about the skin and in the end Riot decided not to make any changes ahead of release, which has only made fans even more unhappy with the skin. 

One of the things most fans noted was that this skin really wasn't unique since it just looked like Ruined Pantheon from 2021 with a fancy new colour scheme. This was one of the biggest complaints the skin got, that it didn't differentiate itself from the 2021 skin. On the other hand the 2021 Ascended Pantheon skin, which was the prestige edition of the Ruined Pantheon skin, got a lot of praise by the community. 


How to Get Ashen Knight Pantheon For Free

Now, one thing is for sure, you can't get the actual Ashen Knight pantheon skin for free. You can however get a skin that looks very similar to it without paying a single penny thanks to the current Essence Emporium. So, what do you need to do to be able to get this Ashen Knight Pantheon look-alike in your inventory? 

Easy, just get the Ruined Pantheon skin. As already mentioned, the two skins look extremely similar. The thing most people say is that the colour scheme is different. That's where the Essence Emporium comes into play. You're able to get various chromas for 1000 Blue Essence right now and well... Ruined Pantheon chromas are on sale right now. 

So, all you've got to do it pick up the Amethyst chroma of the Ruined Pantheon skin and bam! Your opponents won't be able to tell whether you've spent an arm and a leg for another Ashen Knight skin, or you just used up some of that overflowing Blue Essence.