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League of Legends Clash Likely Won't Return For Months

Dragonslayer Kayle and Galio
Sorry Clash players. Your weekend LoL rounds are going to have to be played in Flex Queue.... | © Riot Games

League of Legends Clash won't be returning for a while as per Riot. The reason why? Well, Riot is still trying to assess what had been hacked during the recent social engineering cyberattack and therefore have to hold back on hosting more Clash tournaments. 

Riot is working hard at being more transparent, letting fans know just why they haven't made an announcement for Clash in 2023. So, when can we expect a Clash tournament this year?

LoL Clash in 2023: Delayed Until Further Notice

Riot Riru has spoken out on Reddit, revealing that the team hasn't been able to give much of an announcement for the popular weekend tournament series, LoL Clash, due to the cyberattacks that took hold of Riot in early January 2023. 

Play these champions once Clash is online again:

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PBE builds were messed up, delaying the Ahri ASU by one patch and halting any feedback players could give for the upcoming Heartache and Heartbreaker skins. Thankfully, Aurelion Sol's CGU has made it onto the most recent PBE build and likely won't be affected by the changes. 

Riot will make an official announcement regarding Clash in the upcoming Patch Notes for League of Legends Patch 13.3. But it doesn't look like we are going to be playing Clash anytime in February and might even have to wait for after March as well. 

I literally just got word that we might be able to hit the first weekend of March, but honestly that's not even 100% so please don't hold this information against us.

Riot Riru elaborated on when they're looking to host the next Clash tournament. This cyberattack has slowed progress on balance and now even ruined some of the diversity in League of Legends with Clash events feeling like a breath of fresh air in between the regular solo queue grind. 

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