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League of Legends: Roaming Mid Laners Affected By Recent Experience Nerfs

More 06-03-2023 19:35
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League of Legends: Qiyana and other roaming mid laners felt the wrath of Riot. | © Riot Games

Riot recently made some big changes to early experience and catch up experience in League of Legends. This all went live in LoL Patch 13.4 and it seems like it has had an effect on multiple mid lane champions.

In a new dev post by Riot Axes he explains the reasoning behind these experience changes, as well as what the team is doing to help those champions out that are suffering the most right now. 

League of Legends: Buffs For Suffering Roaming Mid Lane Champions in Patch 13.5

The next League of Legends patch is going to be Patch 13.5 and Riot Axes explained that some of the champions that have seen a drop in win rate are going to be buffed. He precisely pointed out that champions like Qiyana, Fizz and Pantheon have suffered the most from the recent experience changes. 

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Other roaming champions were not as heavily influenced, like Yone, while Katarina and Talon, two champions they had predicted would drop stayed in the same spot as before. Therefore the team also thinks another factor could be in play here, which is why they will continue to monitor the situation and the champions. 

Why Did Riot Nerf Experience Early? 

One of the reasons Riot has decided to nerf roaming in the early stages of the game is how dominant it has been in high elo and in professional play since LoL Patch 13.3. One single well-timed roam can snowball a champion and give their opponents no chance to catch-up. 

That's why they're going to be balancing a few specific champions, as well as things surrounding roam power like experience gain from kills early. These changes will be done gradually and over time since it isn't part of the top priority list as Riot Axes explained. 

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