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Tyler actually not just spouting nonsense for once

League of Legends: Tyler1 Demands Major Changes

More 11-04-2023 18:40
Tyler1 season 13 start
League of Legends: Tyler1 has a point... | © Riot Games

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp is one of the most well-known League of Legends streamers out there and while his opinions could sometimes be quite controversial, he is one of the players with the most in-game knowledge and does have some good takes from time to time. 

Recently, he went over the LoL Season 13 jungle changes and how they've impacted the current League of Legends jungle meta. While looking over some gameplay he notes that he hopes Riot reverts the preseason changes. 


LoL: Tyler1 Wants Preseason Jungle Changes Reverted

Recently, Tyler1 explained why the current state of jungling is completely off and many fans agree with him. In a video, he went over some of his own gameplay, in which he explained why counter jungling has become quite useless. 

In the video, he showed a Xin Zhao who had been sitting, on a ward, in a brush for about 40-seconds in the early stages of the game, rather than taking his own jungle. 

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The other team's Sylas sees this and invades the enemy blue buff on the top side of the map. Technically, Sylas now has the experience advantage and heads off into the mid lane, while the Xin Zhao also moves mid. 

Sylas is half-health while Xin is still more or less full-health and even though Sylas has more experience, as well as blue and red buff, he and his mid laner come out the losers of the short mid-lane skirmish. 

This goes to show that an AFK jungler, with slightly more health, will have the advantage, even if the other person counter jungled and technically did the "correct" thing in the situation, by counter jungling and stealing camps. 

Tyler1 basically explained that in the current meta Sylas only had one option, which was to full clear his top jungle and make his way bot so that a 3-vs-3 bot lane fight can ensue. Otherwise, their team will have lost all bot lane control, as well as dragon control.

Many players agree, stating that players will gank at level 2, while their own jungler "punishes" them by stealing their jungler, but won't gain a single advantage. This has many players feeling like there is only one option when it comes to playing the jungle and that in Season 13 much of the previous skill expression has been taken out of the game completely. 

So, to combat this toxic state of the jungle, Tyler1 calls on the preseason changes to be reverted. For example, that Krugs are now easier to kill, something which had barely any effect in the previous season, but was implemented in Season 13. 

Whether Riot will make more changes to the jungle is yet to be seen, with the balance team, having stated that they are happy with the current state of the role, due to it's increase in popularity. 

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