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Death threats, tears and hope...

Inside Fnatic's Struggle: Team Releases Heartfelt Video About Disappointing LEC Winter Split

Fnatic LEC Winter Split
LEC: Fnatic's faces after losing their final game of the Split. | © Riot Games

For the first time in the history of the organization, Fnatic will not make it to the second group of the LEC after winning only two of their nine games. Now Fnatic has released a video showing their fans intimate behind-the-scenes clips of the final days of the LEC Winter Split 2023.

Fnatic has always been considered one of the top teams in the LEC. Before the G2 reign, Fnatic was considered the team in Europe. Several big names in the European LoL scene got the chance to grow in Fnatic, like Xpeke, Caps, and, last but not least, Rekkles

After G2 Esports became dominant, Fnatic has never really achieved its past glory. Despite this, at no point in the LEC history did anyone consider them to be one of the bottom teams in Europe. Now Fnatic is precisely that, and they just came out of their most devastating Split ever, the LEC Winter Split 2023, where they finished 9th place with a score of 2/7. 

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This is, of course, heartbreaking for the Fnatic fans but also for the players. So now Fnatic has released a behind-the-scenes video taking us on the journey of the players' final days in the LEC Winter Split, all the way until their final game, where they got eliminated by SK Gaming.

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Fnatic Player Recieves Several Death Threats

In Fnatic's video, we see very personal situations from all the players before and after losing their matches. We also encounter a very uncomfortable behind-the-scenes clip of Razork going through his DMs. Apparently, he has received several death threats and is showing some to his teammates. Even though we don't see exactly what is written, we can imagine the content from our experience in a standard Solo-Queue game. 

Razork Death Threats
There is no way someone over 10 is sending death threats. | © Riot Games

Now, in the video, Razork is brushing it off lightly and is laughing at the whole situation. I mean, at some point, you have to get used to it, right? But come on, guys... Even though it can really suck to watch your favorite team lose, let's not send death threats to players because of a f****g video game, shall we? Great, let's move on. 

"Sorry for Not Carrying"

After such a terrible split, fans are allowed to feel disappointed. This is nowhere near what was expected from Fnatic. Their roster consists of three players who made it to the League of Legends World Championship the year before and Rekkles, with several years of experience. 

Nearing the end of the first stage of the LEC Winter Split, Rekkles wanted to share his feelings and wanted to let the fans know how sad he was about the whole situation.

In some ways, I want to reassure the fans that I am not happy. So they don't think I'm fine with what is going on. I am really not fine with what is going on. I hope the fans can understand that it is something I would like to fix.  
Rekkles Fnatic Winter Split 2023 Loss
Rekkles wants to do better. | © Riot Games

After their final loss, Rekkles also apologized to his own teammates. This is what he had to say. 

I just want to say sorry for the split. I don't think I played that good, I don't think I helped that much in getting better. So I just want to say sorry for not carrying, not being more than I was.

It will be exciting to follow Fnatic going on forward to see if they will make any changes to their current staff and players and to see if they have what it takes to bounce back in the LEC Spring Split 2023. 

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