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Who dies first in this movie?

The Ultimate League of Legends Horror Movie Tier List

Who dies first?
Who is the most dead on this photo? | © Riot Games/Warner Bros.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite League of Legends champions would fare in a horror movie? Which champions would survive and who would be left as nothing more than a bloody mess in some dark abandoned forest?

Us here at Riftfeed have put our heads together and created the ultimate Horror movie tier list. Which champions and characters will survive and who is actually the killer of this drama? Let’s check it out!

Horror Movie Survivors
These guys will make it to the end! | © Riot Games

The Survivors

Our first tier has the survivors of the horror film listed. These are the characters we have to deal with throughout the movie and even though some — more like 90% — will annoy us, we have to live with the fact that they managed to get away safe from the killer… that is until part two of the movie is announced and they’re thrown back into the same scenario again.

I’ve watched enough horror films to know how it works guys.

So the Survive tier will include some fan-favorites like Caitlyn, since she knows how to hunt and Akali, since she’s a ninja, but also adventurers like Poppy. To be honest we also had to add in the annoying perfectionist Garen. His girlfriend Katarina will carry his ass to survival.

Of course, some characters like Graves and Sylas will also survive because they know just how to manipulate situations to work in their favor. We might not like them throughout the film, but they’ll survive.

Seem like Killers
Wait these weren't the killers? | © Riot games

Those Who Seem like the Killer but Are Not

Children in horror movies are creepy and don’t bode well with anyone watching, so obviously Annie will seem like the type of kid who is possessed by multiple teddy-bear themed demons while killing innocent people… but in the end she turns out just to be a very creepy child.

Dr. Mundo will be an escaped patient from a psychiatric hospital, but other than spout crazy stuff, he won’t harm the main characters. Shaco falls into the same category as just an insane clown who wishes he was Pennywise.

Characters who die first
RIP Lux. | © Riot Games

Which Champions Would Die First in a Horror Movie?

So, we had to go with the old stereotypes here. Black people and blonde women die first. Sorry, Lucian and Lux, you won’t survive this horror film. They’re the ones who shouldn’t survive the first night if we went by 80s Horror movie logic.

Jayce, Sett, Olaf and Yasuo just seem like the overconfident frat boys who will not believe that there is a ghost or killer out there and have their head chopped off the second they leave the cabin in the woods they’re staying in.

Rakan, Tristana and Seraphine are way too happy to be in this horror movie and would quickly have their lives ended as well. They just don’t have the survival instincts needed for this movie.

The killers
These are the Killers... no not the band! | © Riot Games

Who Are the Killers?

Finally, we get to the juicy part. Who are the killers? If we’re going for a monster horror film then Cho’Gath along with Vel’Koz will be the ones devouring our heroes and creating pure chaos on earth… wait isn’t that what the Void is already doing?

If the killer is a human then we have many options. LeBlanc as a crazy serial killing woman from a witches covenant? Jhin? Singed working from the shadows? Renata Glasc poisoning and creating gastly creatures to kille veryone?

Or we have demons like Elise and Evelynnm who are calling the shots. Or some Lovecraftian horror creature like Kindred is chasing the protagonists around and murdering anything in sight without reason or rhyme?

LoL Horror Movie
This is the rest! | © Riot Games

Who Are the Other Characters?

Of course, the cast of League of Legends is much bigger. We’ve also got the characters we root for but die at some point, which include Yone, who has to make up for the stupidity of his brother, Ezreal who is befallen with grief after he finally got to go on a trip with the popular girl he’s been crushing on for ages.

Kled, Gragas and Viktor seem like the old dudes of the squad who will know how to beat the monsters, do everything right and then end up dying due to someone else’s mistake.

Would you agree with our horror movie tier list? Which champions do you think would die first? Of course, Master Yi should just be lef tout of the film completely. If only Soraka could use her R to heal everyone in the film. Then no one would die.