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Happy Canada Day!

The Most Canadian Champion in League

Frozen Hearts
Seriously, if LoL was happening on Earth Nunu would be Canadian. | © Riot Games

It's July 1st, which means we have to celebrate Canada day. How are we going to celebrate Canada day? By checking out the one champion we think would definitely be Canadian, if League of Legends was set on Earth instead of Runeterra

We know that the Freljord heavily gains inspiration from Nordic and northern countries. Olaf is a Viking, Braum has a Russian accent... all those little detail cumulate together to give us some northern vibes, but we never hear anyone go 'eh' or saying 'sorry' really, so how come we think that Nunu would be Canadian? 


Why is Nunu Canadian? 

Nunu and his Mother's Clothing

Let's examine Nunu and his mother a little bit closer in the image above from the short story Frozen Hearts. We can clearly see a young Nunu sitting on his mother's lap as he listens to her tell the story of their tribe and in the image we get a clear view of their clothing as well. 

Nunu's mother is wearing a traditional Inuit parka. The fur lining, as well as the stitched on pattern resemble those that the Inuit wear as well. Looking at her jewellery, it also resembles Inuit jewellery, especially the pin in her hair. 

Nunu is also always dressed in a warm parka and while his hat doesn't resemble that of traditional Inuit, it does make sense that he could have a different touque since the Notai were a nomadic northern tribe. He could have picked up the hat at any of their destinations while travelling through the Freljord. 

The Musical Instruments

The Inuit are one of the few native people to the America's that have a history of using string instruments in their traditional music. While yes, they also used frame drums called the qilaut, they also had string instruments such as the tautirut with which they made music. 

Now, looking at an image of the tautirut, as well as the aforementioned header image above, we see a zither-like instrument in the corner of the room along with Nunu's flute. Sure, Scandinavian countries also had similar string instruments, but this could be another sign that the Notai and their traditions are inspired by Inuit culture. 


The Notai Are Nomadic

As already touched upon, the Notai are a nomadic northern tribe that move from region to region. Inuit were also once nomads, travelling to hunt for their food and fish, though they have since settled down. Though what differs is that Nunu and the Notai move from village to village, announcing the beginning of winter, instead of moving to follow their food supply. 

Yeti or Sasquatch

Now, Willump might be referred to as a Yeti, which is an ancient Himalayan mountain creature, he does also resemble a Sasquatch, which is a similar, large hairy beast from North American folklore. The terminology could be mixed up, since the terms Yeti and Sasquatch these days are often interchangeable. 

So, there you have it folks, Nunu is probably the most Canadian champion in all of League of Legends. Of course, many of the reasons we gave could also mean that he is from Scandinavia, but hey, it's Canada Day so we can just make a few assumptions, eh?