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Riot Accidentally Deleted An Enitre LoL Patch

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Riot just blew up their patch!

While you were asleep or just finishing up your ranked games, Riot accidentally deleted key part of their patch, as some fans noticed right away. Then, ranked was disabled as Riot went to fix the problem. 

So, what happened and why did an entire patch go missing for a couple of hours? 

LoL Patch 13.1b Removed Entirely by Riot 

If you were awake super early in the morning of February 7, 2023, or just sitting down to play some ranked games, then you might have noticed something peculiar. Certain stats were completely gone from champions and items that Riot had added in Patch 13.1b

One of the first to notice this, making a short video and announcement even before Riot did officially, was none other than YouTuber Vandiril, who looked at the missing data and then determined that the entirety of LoL Patch 13.1b, the hotfix patch that Riot patched instead of 13.2, seemed to have been removed entirely. 

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An hour after Vandiril noticed this, Riot made a statement of their own, explaining that the patch had been reverted due to a bug. They didn't elaborate what the bug was, but they also announced that they'd disable ranked queue until the problem was fixed. 

Thankfully, the fix didn't take too long and a couple of hours later players were able to log back on and play their much-needed ranked games for the evening. 

Why Was LoL Patch 13.1b Removed? 

As Riot stated there was a bug which caused all the information to disappear. Twitter user Spideraxe explained on Twitter that because the most recent patch was a mere hotfix patch, and therefore didn't patch like a 'normal one' would, leading to a bug to overwrite everything from the patch when Riot submitted the new patch build. 

So, basically, Riot is still suffering a few mistakes here and there after the cyberattack, but it seems that once LoL Patch 13.3 goes live, then everything should be back to normal. 

Thankfully Riot fixed the 'missing patch' issue quickly and it didn't affect too many players. Hopefully these are the last of the big mistakes we see this season, eh?

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