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What could destroy LoL today?

These Old Features Would Destroy Modern League of Legends

More 14-09-2023 17:55

Some features in League of Legends are ancient and have been removed from the game completely. But are there any features which would break the new LoL completely? 

Poppy Splash 2 Old
LoL: What old features would ruin League of Legends in 2023? | © Riot Games

League of Legends has been around for what feels like an eternity – since 2009, to be exact. The game from back then is not even remotely comparable to today's League of Legends environment. 

Whether it's items, runes, maps, modes, or entire game mechanics, a lot has disappeared from the game. This got us thinking, what if we could bring back an original feature from the game and what would it do for the game itself? Would it just break everything or work fine in the current state of LoL? 

League of Legends: These 3 Removed Features Would Cause Chaos

Tahm Kench Arcana
I used to love playing Movement Speed Tahm Kench... unfortunately, Riot removed the items that enabled it. | © Riot Games

If you've been with League of Legends for a few years, there's at least one thing you miss. Whether it's an item or a rune, or something entirely different – doesn't matter! However, some of these game contents are better left banished because bringing them back would completely turn the game upside down!

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1. Champion Statistic: Dodge

Most of you probably know Jax's dodge, E - Counter Strike. But did you know that until early 2012, Dodge was a global champion statistic? In simple terms, this meant every champion had the ability to dodge auto-attacks.

These items and runes increased the Dodge chance:

  • Ninja Tabi: 12% Dodge probability through Passive
  • Phantom Dancer: 20% Dodge probability
  • Seal and Quintessence of Evasion: 0.42-0.75% and 0.83-1.5% Dodge probability respectively (depending on rune tier)

The formula used to calculate this mechanic is a bit complex, which is why we won't delve too deeply into the math – which has never been my strong suit anyway. Ultimately, what's important is that with the right items and runes, you could practically neutralize every third auto-attack from an opponent.

This could be especially powerful against champions who rely heavily on their auto-attack damage. The nastiest thing about the Dodge mechanic was the fact that there were no visual cues indicating how high a champion's Dodge probability was, and the effect was always active.

Jax's E can sometimes be frustrating. Hence, it's probably best if a stronger, universally available version of it doesn't find its way back into the game... right?

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2. Ultimate Ability: Fiora's "Blade Waltz"

Top Lane Fiora Header
Playing against Fiora can still be frustrating, but nothing tops her old ultimate! | © Riot Games

Those who have been playing for a long time know that League of Legends used to be a much simpler game. These days it feels like you have to be a math wizard to understand some abilities, but back then most players knew what they were getting into.

Ten years ago, when Fiora activated her ultimate ability, there was no escape. "Blade Waltz" allowed her to become untargetable and strike a random enemy five times in succession. There was virtually no counterplay, and even though subsequent hits on the same champion dealt less damage, such an ultimate was perfect for 1v1s in the top lane.

Honestly, this ultimate was on the same difficulty level as Veigar's ultimate, which is still in the game today... so why was her ultimate such an issue? Simply put: she doesn't just hit you once, but five times! This, combined with the multitude of On-Hit effects currently in the game, would be incredibly difficult to balance.

If you want to try out the Blade Waltz for yourself – one of the Summoner Spells in the LoL Arena Mode basically gives you her old ultimate. OG LoL players loved that. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until the return of LoL Arena to be able to try it out again. 

3. Item: Zz'Rot Portal

Voidling Zz'Rot Portal
Remember these cheeky critters? | © Riot Games

Definitely one of the most interesting and unique items in the game: The Zz'Rot Portal! Although it hasn't been in the game since late 2019, many still remember it fondly. But what exactly did this item do? Well, as the it's name suggests, you were able to place a portal on the map.

Who comes out of this portal? Well, numerous little Voidlings that would attack enemy minions and structures but would ignore champions. Obviously, it was a great tool for pushing a lane, making it a popular choice among top laners and supports.

We know that game balance is pretty complex. Earlier in Season 13, Riot made some huge item changes during the mid-season update, trying to keep everything balanced, but an item like this could throw all of that hard work into turmoil once more. 

For example, a top laner could simply let the voidlings do all the work for them, while they go and teamfight. Who needs to split push when you have an army of little void beasts, right? 

There were also items like Ohmwrecker, which could disable towers for a short time, or the minion-buff from Banner of Command which were pretty OP and therefore, probably won't be seeing the light of day again... but a lot of us thought that of Statikk Shiv as well and it came back in Season 13...

One thing is clear though: some items, abilities, or mechanics might be better off remaining banished forever. Still, in Riot's history, there are always items that make us wonder: What if...?

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