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The Roadmap was cool and all....

Where Are Riot's Promised Top Lane Changes?


Okay guys we all watched the Champion Roadmap video Riot recently posted and we were excited to see Riot Phroxzon make an appearance to talk about upcoming Pre-Season changes ahead of LoL Pre-Season 13, right? But there was one aspect that was missing and that was the top lane. 

Not too long ago the Lead designer of the League of Legends balance team took to Twitter to state that they were looking in to making some changes to the top lane in the upcoming pre-season, but that was forgotten in this road map and we got more information on jungle changes again. Each season the jungle gets an update, eh? 

Will Top Lane Changes Be Made in the LoL Pre-Season 13? 

Well, if you're a top lane main and you're sick and tired of being on an island, or just feeling irrelevant, then you're probably pretty frustrated with the current state of the game, right? Well, even though the Riot Pls video didn't have much to say about the upcoming top lane changes, Riot Phroxzon did go on Twitter after to explain why top laners didn't get mentioned. 

The LoL Pls was filmed a few months ago, so our plans for the rest of the year weren't solidified.

He went on to state that the team is currently looking for solutions to the top lane issues. They are encountering issues though with making top lane more engaging since they do not want the top lane to become too complex, lose intuitiveness in the position or have issues balancing it afterwards. 

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What Ideas Did Riot Have For The Top Lane? 

One of the ideas mentioned was to have lance incentives like an objective in the alcove. This would make the top lane more important and a key lane to focus on in the future, but it could make the game heavily top lane focused as well.  

While some fans want the dragons to be weaker, since most top laners don't want to roam down for early fights in the pit, this wouldn't solve the issue, only shifting it somewhere else. 

Other fans thought that maybe a system for top and bot lane to efficiently lane swap could also be implemented into the game, but these solutions all feel like they could be complex for low elo players. 

So, while in the most recent Riot Pls we didn't get an update on the top lane, we do know that the balance team is looking into it and considering which changes to make so that top laners can have a good time once more when playing League of Legends.