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Can't even play the CGU...

Aurelion Sol Is The Most Banned LoL Champion In Every Rank

Champions 27-02-2023 22:00
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This champion is just cursed... | © Riot Games

Aurelion Sol's Comprehensive Gameplay Update (CGU) seems to have been quite the success with the champion's ban rate shooting up the ranks on all levels. This just goes to show how good the champion is and how people don't want to play against him. 

Aurelion Sol is probably the most cursed champion in League of Legends. For years he was forgotten and one of the least played champions, now he's finally a beast in the mid lane and his ban rate shoots up to heights never before seen... will anyone ever be allowed to play him? 

LoL: Aurelion Sol Banned More Than Any Other Champion

Aurelion Sol mains sure have it rough. Before the Comprehensive Gameplay Update that hit live servers in LoL Patch 13.3, their champion was one of the worst in the game with awful in-game gimmicks. 

Now, he's become much more generic, with the general League of Legends population setting their sights on him. He's also become much stronger which has warranted quite a lot of bans, but nobody expected the amount of bans that have hit the rift since. 

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In LoL Patch 13.3, when Aurelion Sol was first released, he had an average ban rate of 60%. Has that changed now that we're in LoL Patch 13.4? Not at all. Across all levels of play, Aurelion Sol continues to dominate, his ban rate continuing to hover between the 55 and 60% mark. 

If you check Masters+ then his ban rate is around 50%, while in Platinum+ it sits around 62%. The next most banned champions in the mid lane are Annie and Zed who both sit around the 31% ban mark. 

No Balance Changes Means No Ban Rate Changes

In LoL Patch 13.4, Aurelion Sol received no big nerfs to his kit. Sure, Riot did fix some major bugs, though there are still some left for them to find, but with no real changes to his kit, nor to the items that Aurelion Sol builds, there also won't be a change in his ban rate. 

Aurelion Sol has a comfortable 51.5% win rate and is one of the best champions in the game right now. In the mid lane, Annie is probably the only champion competing with him right now. 

We will have to wait to see what changes Riot is looking to make and whether they're going to adjust him in some way in LoL Patch 13.5. Players often also ban new or reworked champions in solo queue since they don't want to face them, or to avoid their teammates from locking them in without thinking. So we will have to keep an eye on the ban rate in the coming weeks. 

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