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Lux mains unite!

Five Reasons to Main Lux

Champions 10-05-2024 11:00

Some League of Legends champions are more popular than others. Lux is probably the most popular out there with a lot of skins, but why should you join the large group of Lux mains? 

Empyrean Lux splash
Now this is why you should play Lux. | © Riot Games

Lux is the poster girl of Riot. She is the main character of her own comic book. Two prestige skins, the best ultimate skin of them all, she's got everything. 

She is also always a decent pick thanks to her poke damage and we all know it's only a matter of time until she is going to be getting her much deserves Art and Sustainability update. So, why should you become a Lux main? 

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League of Legends: Why You Should Play Lux 

5. Her Ultimate Cooldown is Practically 0 

Lux 17
Gotta play more Lux. | © Riot Games

Lux is a great champion in the mid to late game thanks to her ultimate. You build just a bit of ability haste on her and boom! You will have your ultimate in every important situation. Throughout long fights and skirmishes you could even have it a second time if you initiate the fight with it. 

In 2021 Riot shortened her cooldown as well which has only improved her in the eyes of the community. Hell, the cooldown is so short you can quickly use it to clear a wave, then move on to another lane where it'll be up again so you can ult an opposing champion in a fight. So easy, right? 

4. Lux is a Versatile Champion 

We've already touched upon it, but Lux can be played in various positions. She isn't a one trick pony stuck to the mid lane, instead she is able to ride free into the sunset and onto any lane she damn well pleases. Sure, top lane Lux might not be meta, but trust me it's totally doable.

Faerie Court Lux
I love this champions so much. | © Riot Games

But the most common places we will find a Lux is either the bot lane or the mid lane. She has great zoning tools in her kit which makes her a great pick. Need to know whether you're about to be ganked? Throw out that E into the brush in the river since it'll grant you vision. Wards are so 2021, right?


She is a great support thanks to her W shield and the snare of her Q is also annoying to deal with. Especially if you're stuck in low elo and your opponent tries to hide behind a minion... joke's on them the Q lands on two targets! 

But not only are her defensive abilities great, you can also build full AP on Lux and do so much damage. Throw out your Q to snare opponents, quickly follow it up with E and boom! Half the health bar of the opponent is gone. No matter the lane, Lux is a threat. 

3. Tilting Your Opponents is Easy

Star Guardian Lux skin
She is the OG Star Guardian. | © Riot Games

Lux is also one of those champions that just tilt the opposition. Her slow, her stun and her damage are enough to make you want to rip out your hair, but the fact that she has one of the most annoying laughs in the entire god damn game? Now that is just unacceptable... if you're on the opposite team.

Throw out that Q, hit them with your E and follow it up with an ultimate then just stand over the enemies dead corpse press CTRL + 4 (or the boomer way: write /laugh in chat) and giggle away in the most obnoxious way possible. Thanks Rito. 

2. Lux Is a Beginner Friendly Champion

Lux is also a very easy champion to master. Unlike some champions, looking at you Zoe, you won't need to put in hundreds of hours to make her work. Her kit is super easy to understand and you will be able to see yourself improve at the game in no time. You don't need to think of a million combos to master her. 

Elementalist Lux Wallpaper
Lux is just that great! Main her! | © Riot Games

Her kit is very straightforward and while her Q is considered a skillshot she's still got insane AoE damage on her E. Just make sure to aim your ultimate in the right direction. Just remember that if you do land your Q it's nearly impossible to miss your ultimate.

1. Lux Has the Most Skins Out of Anyone

If you want to be a true sweaty Lux main, then you will also need to have some deep pockets. Lux has the most skins out of every single champion in League of Legends. Yes, she has overtaken Ezreal and Miss Fortune in terms of skins. Wild, eh? 

Sure, not all over her skins are magnificent. Lux is a pretty old champions so she's got some older medicore skins as well in her inventory, but the new Lux skins are all bangers. Hell, she's even got one of the best skins in the entire game which is her Elementalis Lux skin. It's also one of the most expensive, but if it looks this good, who even cares, right? 

Overall, Lux is a pretty fun champion that can be played on multiple lanes. She's easy to pick up and will annoy the opposition. Everything comes together and this makes her one of the best champions to main in Season 13. Trust us. 

Sabrina Ahn

Sabrina Ahn is the League of Legends and Riftfeed Lead. During her time at Concordia University in 2014 she fell in love with League of Legends and esports and has been playing LoL since then – how she hasn't lost...


Currently, I can't recommend Mid Lux. Diamond Lux main here. Climbed multiple seasons to Diamond+ with Lux. Lux is only good in two positions, mid/support. Low elo, Lux can climb. But why pick a champ that ceiling caps? Many other champs will climb much higher with less effort.

Current season, comment as of 12/13/22, Lux has issues. Mana costs are surprisingly high, cooldowns are long, movement speed is low, and positioning is critical. The problem with positioning, and I see this with Master - Challenger Lux players, is that there are too many dashing champs. Lux's Q, her root, doesn't stop many ability dashes. So, they still move. My huge complaint with roots. The E, doesn't really slow much against these champs, and they are everywhere. Tanks are back, Lux vs tanks, not really good when it's mid/late. She used to be able to build lots of AP, lots of CDR, and get a movement item. However, today, Lux is quite trapped on having to sacrifice two of these to be in a useful state. Not really ideal. The amount of work you do in laning phase vs other champs is pretty high for mid.

Keep in mind, I love playing this champ, but she is in an awful state. Unless you master this champ, there is a hard ceiling for her. Maybe one day riot will buff her. Her state is so bad, there are high elo Lux mains that renamed themselves to reflect her state. You can lookup "Buff Lux" and "Lux sucks" to see. They are Lux mains like myself that know she is in a bad state. It's been like this for a long while. Item rework they did years back and the ability haste introduction hasn't really been good for her.


I'm not even high elo and I feel the same. She can't compete with even similar mages.