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LoL Briar Teaser: Why Riot Thinks We're In "Danger"

Champions 30-08-2023 12:40
Briar Other Art Lo L
LoL: We might be in danger in Briar's teaser. | © Riot Games

This doesn't sound too good. While all parts of Briar's teaser have been quite foreboding so far, "danger" takes the cake, if you ask me. Why are we in danger, Riot?

After all, Briar is still locked up in her prison cell. It's not like she can get to us, right?

LoL Briar Teaser: She Seems To Be The "Danger"

Lo L Phase 2 Briar teeth 2
Show us your pearly whites, Briar! | © Riot Games / screenshot

With each new teaser phase that's come out, we've gotten closer and closer to Briar. 

If you haven't seen the previous teasers, Riot has already released two phases of the teaser for the next champ Briar. 

Since August 27, 2023, Riot have been uploading daily teaser parts onto the LoL client for us to see, the first one being "forbidden" and the second one being "warning". By now we've reached "danger". I can't wait to see what's next, "death"?

Well, let's not think about that just yet, instead let's focus on the imminent danger we're currently in. Yay!

Phase three of Briar's teaser is the longest so far and offers us the most information about the new champ we have received from Riot yet. Let's just say... she's got a lot of personality.

We now know that she's been locked up in a prison in Noxus due to being "so dangerous", at least according to the Noxians. Honestly, if the Noxians already think she's incredibly dangerous, I get why she's been imprisoned. 

Apparently, Briar is a "failed hemomancy experiment", but she immediately tries to make this seem less strange by saying "c'mon! Do I look like a weapon to you?". Have you seen that thing around your neck yet? Kind of, yeah.

While Briar tries to make herself seem a lot more normal than she is, all that talk about her being super hungry and her stomach growling so loudly that the ground might shake makes me a bit nervous. Unless she tells us that she's a vegetarian vampire like the Cullen's from Twilight, I'm not going near her. Nuh uh. 

The fact that you can see her run around her cell the entire time, doing handstands and lunges and all sorts of exercises, makes it seem like she's training to prepare for her escape. Her mentioning that she misses the battlefield only makes her seem even more like a dangerous weapon.

LoL Briar Teaser: Why We're In "Danger"

Lo L Phase 3 Briar 1
Please don't eat us Briar. | © Riot Games / screenshot

But like I said before, we should be safe, right? Briar is locked up behind bars, and even has that weird contraption around her head, so nothing bad should happen. 

Ah yes, famous last words.

Even though it seems like Briar can't get to us at the moment, I've got a hunch that we might be the one's to help Briar escape her cell. You see, Briar's been buttering us up quite a bit in phase three, calling us her friend and sometimes even her best friend. Aww, Briar, stop it. No seriously, stop it, I'm scared. 

It may seem cute at first when she says things like “We’re friends, right?” and “HEY! If you promise to bring me a real meal, maybe we could share, right?”. But the fact that she also says things like “now that we’re best friends, maybe you could get me out of here?” and “I don’t know about you, but I could use a friend in here. Orrrr out there, if you want to let me out” seems a bit odd.

Makes me feel a bit nervous, that Briar is trying to lure us in, in order to get to our blood, so she can regain her strength and escape. I mean, she only has to get through a wooden door, so she'll probably rip through that easily. 

But, we'll have to wait until phase four releases until we finally find out if Briar actually escapes and when she'll finally run on over to LoL, so we can play her!

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