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Who was the most played?

Most Popular Champions in 2022 LEC Spring Split

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Which Champions were played the most? | © Riot Games

With the LEC Sprig Split having just come to an end, we’ve decided to check out some champion stats. Which champions dominated the meta throughout the spring season and which champions are better left off the board?

Let’s check out the most banned, most picked and most popular champions throughout the 2022 LEC Spring Split.

Most Banned Champions in the 2022 LEC Spring Split

Twisted Fate was the most banned champion throughout the 2022 LEC Spring Split according to Games of Legends. The mid lane mage was banned a total of 62 times throughout the Spring Split.

He was shortly followed by two main characters from Arcane — Caitlyn and Jayce. Caitlyn saw the ban hammer a total of 53 times, while Jayce was right behind her with 51 bans during the regular season.

Jayce did manage to get picked a total of 24 times though, with a 54% win rate, so it makes sense why he was banned so often during the season. Will this trend continue throughout the playoffs as well?

Most Picked Champions in the 2022 LEC Spring Split

Support: Leona- 29 Games

In the support role the most picked champion was none other than Leona. She was picked a total of 29 times but only managed to win 13 games, making her the only champion on this list with a negative win rate. 

She does have solid crowd control though and is one of the best champions in the meta. Seriously, Leona has been a top tier support since season 10 and it doesn't seem like that's going to change anytime soon. She will be picked over and over in playoffs as well, at least that's what we predict. 

Bot Lane: Jinx - 61 Games

If one champion dominated the 2022 LEC Spring Split, then it had to be Jinx. She was an absolute monster in pro play, in every region, and if you didn’t get your hands on her, you’d be forced to play Aphelios or Jhin.

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Her attack speed and consistent damage have made her a solid pick in pro play. She won 36 of her games, earning a 59% win rate in the LEC. No wonder she got a nerf in the 12.5b patch, right?

Mid Lane: Ryze - 26 Games

In solo queue, Ryze might sit at a measly 46% win rate, but in pro play, Ryze is one of the most dominant mid laners. He’s a solid pick that is safe into many others and can clear lanes pretty quickly. He’s a great pick, but if you ask me a bit boring.

In the LEC he had a 50% win rate, winning 13 of 26 games. The next most played champion was Viktor. As you can see all the Arcane champions are pretty well represented — except for our boy Heimerdinger.

Jungle: Xin Zhao - 46 Games

Xin has been one of the best junglers for a long time. Seeing him every once in a while is fine, but not in 50% of matches you watch. Please Riot, do something about this champion it’s getting quite boring!

Xin Zhao
Not going to lie, but can we pick someone else in the jungle in the summer? | © Riot Games

Even though it might be boring to always have Xin Zhao in the jungle, his win rate speaks for itself at a solid 56%. So we might hate it and the players might also be getting bored, this pick works. Now Riot, nerf it before the playoffs, thanks.

Top Lane: Graves - 29 Games

Graves is going to be receiving an EDG skin and with the amount of times he was picked in the LEC this season, we would love to see it often. He managed to get picked a total of 29 times throughout the Spring Split.

Sentinel Graves
When is the EDG skin coming? | © Riot Games

With a win rate of 51% Graves is one of the picks with the most counters it seems from the top picks. The Top lane had a lot of variety, with Jayce and Gwen also being picked quite often after Graves, making it interesting.