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League of Legends Players Protest New LCS Rules - Riot Scrambling Ahead Of Season Start

Esports 30-05-2023 16:50
Lcs lockout 2023
LCS Lockout could happen if teams don't find replacements soon. | © Riot Games

The LCS is slowly crumbling. After recent changes to the rules for LCS teams to have Academy teams, as well as rumours regarding import rule updates, the LCS Player Association has held a vote on an LCS walkout ahead of the Summer Split start. 

With the vote going heavily in favour of a walkout, with players coming together to try and save the path to pro in North America, Riot and the LCS teams are scrambling ahead of the season kick off. 

LCS Walkout: What Is It? 

The LCS Walkout is a movement led by the LCS Player Association. The Walkout was first called upon after Riot's decision that LCS teams did not have to field any Academy teams anymore. Seven of the ten LCS orgs decided to drop their Academy rosters once the rules were changed. 

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The Walkout was voted upon by all players part of the LCS, with over 50% of votes going in favor of a walkout, the vote passed, as the LCSPA announced on May 28, 2023. 

The LCS Player Association revealed their asks of Riot, along with the walkout, demanding a "VALORANT Style" promotion and relegation between the LCS and NACL, as well as a revenue pool for player salaries of $300k per NACL team a year. 

This walkout is the first of its kind in the esports-scene with players from all over coming together to fight for the future of North American League of Legends and the future players. 

Riot Changing Player Rules Ahead Of Summer Split Start

Instead of meeting the demands of the LCS Player Association, Riot has since decided to change some of the eligibility rules of the LCS. Travis Gafford, a known esports personality, revealed on the Hotline League podcast, that Riot has suspended the requirements to play in the LCS, meaning anyone will be able to play for an LCS team, no matter their rank. 

Not only that, but Gafford also explained that players won't have to be present at the LCS arena to compete. 

Many believe it's quite ironic how seven of ten LCS teams dropped their academy teams now have to scramble to try and find players... when they could have used their academy roster to play. 

The LCSPA has also responded to the changes for LCS eligibility and tried to dissuade anyone from filling in a spot at the start of the 2023 LCS Summer Split, with many other esports personalities also dissuading young players looking to make it pro from being used as a "scab" for any orgs. 

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Will The LCS 2023 Summer Split Take Place? 

Riot is doing anything and everything in their power currently to make sure that the LCS is going to kick off as planned on June 1, 2023. The first match of the season is going to be Cloud9 and Golden Guardians, so let's see which players we will be seeing on stage or whether the start of the season will still be pushed back. 

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