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Which teams will make it to playoffs?

LEC Superweek 2022: Top Three Matches To Watch

LECtronics back for the Superweek with another banger | © Riot Games

LEC Superweek 2022 is about to start we picked one game for each day that you should pay extra much attention to.

With the LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 closer than ever, the LEC Superweek is happening this weekend. The only team locked for playoffs so far is MAD Lions and the bracket seeding is nowhere close to being decided. Every game counts and everyone, besides BDS, has a chance to make playoffs. Who will be the top team of regular split? Here are the top game for each day of the LEC Superweek.

LEC Superweek Day 1: Fnatic vs. Astralis

Fnatic Hylisang
LEC Superweek: Will we see some crazy Hyli-Picks? | © Riot Games

Not many predicted Astralis to even be a consideration for playoffs. In previous splits Astralis are often found on the bottom of the standings and playoffs have been out of the question. Today, they face Fnatic, a team that has never missed playoffs before but now are very close to being eliminated from playoffs contention. Both teams are currently on a shared sixth place with Excel. The sixth place is so essential because it the last place that qualifies playoffs.

It will be exciting to see if Fnatic can uphold their current streak of making it into playoffs or if it is Astralis that pull through and finally prove they are worth a spot amongst the best teams in Europe.

LEC Match of the Week: Misfits vs. G2 Esports

G2 Caps
Will they make it back on the top? | © Riot Games

The LEC Match of the week is between G2 Esports and Misfits. The game will happen this Saturday and is bound to be exciting. The two teams currently on a shared second place with Rouge and Vitality, and they are both valid contenders for first place. Last week, they were the only two teams that won both their games.

During the recent Match of the Week interview, G2’s Toplaner, Brokenblade, explained that Misfits strength is their unpredictable playstyle. G2 Esports, on the other side, is known by many as the best team Europe has ever had and they wish to prove that this weekend.

This game is the perfect game to show everyone that they deserve, not only a spot in the LEC playoffs, but also for for Wolds 2022.

This is also one of the last regular season matches Misfits will ever play, as it was recently confirmed that they are selling their spot to Team Heretics. In the Match of the Week interview, Misfits’ toplaner Irrelevant, explained that this game will help him convince other LEC teams that he is a valuable player for next split.

LEC Superweek Day 3: Vitality vs. Rouge

Vitality Perkz
Maybe it is finally time for the Vitality super team | © Riot Games

Considering that only one team is secured a spot for the LEC Playoffs, it is hard to only choose one game per day to watch. However, I would still have to go with Vitality vs. Rouge as the final important match.

Both teams are currently in a four-way tie for second place, shared with G2 and Misfits. Considering how close the standings are right now, this might as well be a match for first place or a match for winners bracket seeding. Both teams came out from a 1-1 weekend last week and it will be thrilling to see which team takes the win for the last game they will play this regular season.

All in all, we still don’t know what the outcome will be, but we do hope for a lot of close games and tie breakers. Which teams do you hope will make it to the LEC Playoffs 2022?

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