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The G2 AD Carry was on fire this week

Our LEC MVP for Week 7: G2 Esports' Flakked

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Flakked has been doing good! | © Riot Games

G2 Esports' AD Carry Victor "Flakked" Lirola Tortosa was key in his team securing two clutch wins this week, defeating Excel Esports and Fnatic. With their bot laner stepping up big in two key games, the spring champions are looking set for playoffs.

LEC's most successful team G2 Esports had a great comeback story in the spring, where they ended fourth and lost the first playoff series only to mount a big lower bracket run that saw them take out four of the other playoff teams in dominant fashion. They also fought hard at the Mid-Season invitational, but despite a good start to the summer split had moments where they fell short of expectations. 

G2 were tied for fourth place before Week 7 and sported a 7-6 record - and games against Excel Esports and Fnatic, things were looking a bit dicey for the spring champions. While both Fnatic and Excel had had their ups and downs in recent weeks, so did the spring champions. At their best, Excel were masters both of teamfighting and macro play, while Fnatic boasted a roster that, on paper at least, was one of the best in the LEC. G2's players had to step up their game and that is just what Flakked did.

Piling on the Damage

G2’s first game of the week was against Excel Esports, already a rival for the top 4 spots that gave teams an upper bracket start in the playoffs. Excel had a small lead in the early game, but G2 punished them for overextending and Flakked’s Sivir picked up key kills that let the ADC itemize faster. In the mid-game, he remained untouched in teamfights and piled on the damage. 25 minutes into the game, G2 aced their opponents and got the Baron and Infernal soul buffs, closing the game out shortly afterwards.

Against Fnatic, who put their eggs in the scaling basket, G2 drafted for early and mid-game aggression. Flakked's Draven was the beneficiary of several ganks and by the 10th minute, his team was well ahead. The G2 AD Carry kept getting kills and Fnatic were not able to extend the game as they had hoped. In teamfights, the Draven remained untouched, lobbing axe after axe with deadly efficiency and that special Draven flair. 

 Stats for the Week

Flakked was on fire in both G2 games, landing a total of 19 kills, only one death and 16 assists for a combined KDA of 35 from both games. That's what we call a good week!


Game 1: Sivir

Game 2: Draven101


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This weekend, the LEC will end the summer regular split with a three-day marathon. With no fewer than 8 teams who have yet to guarantee themselves a playoff spot, competition will be fierce. Can Flakked once more stand out?