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NA Solo Queue Breaks Faker

LoL Worlds is Doomed: Faker Dies to Blue Buff in Solo Queue

Esports 04-11-2022 12:10
Faker vs Blue Buff
Faker loses to blue buff... does this mean Worlds is doomed for T1? | © Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship is nearing its end. One more game stands between one team and the Summoner's Cup. Will it be T1 earning their fourth title or will DRX make the incredible run to win it all? 

Well, with the players enjoying their practice time, it seems like T1's mid laner and the most well-known player in all of esports could be struggling. In a recent solo queue match he didn't look his best and got killed by the biggest threat of them all: Blue Buff. 


"How Did He Die? He Started Blue and Got a Leash" Tyler1 Puzzles Over Unfortunate Death

In a recent solo queue match, Faker was filled into the jungle role. He picked his new favorite champion, Bel'Veth and went to his blue buff. This is where the crime took place that was also captured by Tyler1 on his stream – the death to the blue buff. 

Tyler1 was watching the clip, wondering why the GOAT, Faker got killed early into the game. Faker does get a leash, but he pulled the blue buff too far from its camp and it lost its patience resetting, leaving Faker on half health. Tyler1, watching this unfold, is puzzled over this mistake from the best League of Legends player. 

Oh dear... Faker?! Wait is he hacked? Wait, wait wait... big fake? Faker?! That's my GOAT, but what happened? 

Tyler1 Blames Lag on Faker Death

As he rewatches the clip Tyler1 comes to the conclusion that no, it wasn't Faker's fault. he pulls up the other players on the team, the mid laner being Pobelter, and explains that it was likely due to server lag. 

I think it was lagging. Dude becasue Pobelter was lagging and my Draven was lagging. I think it's like Server lag. 

So, while Faker did try to outplay the blue buff it seems that server lag had the upper hand in this situation if what Tyler1 is saying is true.  But, let's be real everyone has to die to blue buff at level 1 at some point, right? Even the greatest player of all time has to experience this embarrassment. 

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