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MAD Lions Go Big With Hylissang, Carzzy & More Changes for the LEC 2023 Season

Esports 09-11-2022 17:10
MAD Carzzy Back
The yellow and gold just suit him best. | © Riot Games

Roster mania has begun and it's getting hard to keep up with all the names flying around. Who is going where and what team will sign who? For now, we can just speculate since teams won't make definite roster announcements just yet.

The MAD Lions are making heads turn though with the prospective return of none other than Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság in the bot lane for the 2023 LEC season. 


Carzzy to Leave Vitality and Return to MAD

At the beginning of the 2022 Season Team Vitality had built a super team. Former Cloud9 mid laner Perkz, the young and talented Carzzy... all of it was coming together for the team, but the wins didn't seem to roll in how people thought they would.  

Underwhelming is an understatement if we're honest when looking back at Vitality in 2022 and therefore it's no surprise that the team is making some major changes. One of those being the departure of Carzzy who will look to make a comeback on his old team the MAD Lions. 

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Carzzy Picked MAD over FNC

According to Brieuc "LEC Wooloo" Seeger, Carzzy had two offers on the table. Either MAD Lions or Fnatic. He decided to go with his former team, a system he knew, as well as returning to some familiar faces, with two players on MAD staying the same from the original 2021 lineup. 

Hylissang to Join as Support for MAD in 2023

Fnatic has lost one of their most well-known players in Hylissang. The player will likely be joining the MAD Lions in the coming season to play alongside Carzzy, which is something the bot laner had apparently wanted when going into the deal. 

MAD Looking For New Talent in the Top Lane

While Armut has been signed to a deal that should last until 2024, it seems that the team will be looking for some fresh blood in the role. Armut joined the Spanish org in 2020, played two years in the LEC, but that could change come 2023. 

According to LEC Wooloo, the team is looking to replace him with the young top laner of X7, Chasy. The Korean top laner is well-known for his carry top potential. He will for sure give us some fun Fiora games or something like that. 

So for any MAD Lions fans out there, it seems like you're going to have quite a few changes ahead in the 2023 season. How will they work out though?

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