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This could be a freebie for us all!

MSI 2023 Could Include Free Limited Time Chroma

Esports 19-04-2023 16:55
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MSI 2023: Will we be getting a free chroma? | © Riot Games

Last year, Riot gave players free chromas during the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. These were special chromas designed by Tiffany & Co, in their specific colours and it seems like Riot is going to be doing something similar for MSI 2023. 

YouTuber Matty Love Gaming found some interesting information on the PBE server which could point at a free chroma give-away similar to the way the Tiffany & Co Chromas were given out to viewers and fans. 

MSI 2023 Watch-Drops Could Include Free Yasuo Chroma

It's always nice to get something free from Riot and throughout any esports event they usually include free watch drops for any viewers who are logged into their League of Legends account on the official lolepsorts website, or have their LoL account connected either to Twitch or any other streaming platform. 

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Last year, viewers received especially made chromas from Tiffany & Co, which Riot even gave the exact time and dates for, so anyone could receive these chromas. Now, for MSI it looks like a similar action could happen. 

One the PBE for LoL Patch 13.9, the Inkshadow skins were just dropped along with their chromas. Usually, champions receive a max number of nine chromas, but Yasuo currently has ten chromas on the PBE server. 

The extra chroma that was added is the "DEFY MSI 2023" Chroma. When unlocked the chroma is unlocked it says, as a description, that it was released to celebrate MSI 2023. Not only did the chroma drop with this description, but other team icons and emotes, which has many community members believing that the Yasuo chroma will be a free watch reward. 

Hopefully this is a free chroma and Riot let's fans know when to watch to receive it, since no one wants to go home empty-handed, right? Sure, I don't play Yasuo, but it's nice to have in the inventory, right? 

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