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MSI 2023: Fastest Game Of MSI 2023 Took Place On First Bracket Stage Day

Esports 09-05-2023 20:30
MSI 2023 Gen G
MSI 2023: Gen.G vs. G2 Esports featured the fastest game of the tournament. | © Riot Games

Gen.G played in their first game of MSI 2023 against the LEC's second seed, G2 Esports, who just breezed through the 2023 MSI Play-In Stage. The game was set to be an exciting one, but did anyone have the 'fastest game of the tournament' on their bingo card? 

Everyone knows Korea likes to play slow and methodical. When it comes to crazy and quick games, fans usually look to the LPL and the LEC, but this time it was between an LEC and LCK team. 

MSI 2023: Gen.G vs. G2 Featured Fastest Game Of Tournament

Gen.G came out swinging in their first series at the International tournament, showing why they are the LCK first seed, taking game 1 in a flash and capitalizing over some of G2's early mistakes.

G2 has not had the best early games throughout the tournament and both BrokenBlade and Caps did not play up to their usual standards in the G2 series. 

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Game 2 was a complete blowout though, with the bot lane also feeding and Gen.G rookie bot laner Kim "Peyz" Su-hwan going god mode during the second game. 

G2 had no chance and fans got to watch as G2 went down 2-0 in the span of 19 minutes. Yes, the Baron hadn't even spawned yet and Gen.G was already in G2's base, demolishing it and taking a significant lead in the series. 

The game finished at 19:44, making it the quickest game of the tournament thus far and could remain that, especially when looking at some of the other match ups still to come... 

G2 Esports managed to claw their way back in game 3, but eventually lost in game 4, earning Gen.G a 3-1 victory. 

MSI 2023 will continue on May 10, 2023 with T1 playing against the MAD Lions. The games will start at 2:00 pm CEST/8:00 am EST. 

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