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MSI 2023: LoL Players Want Yuumi Banned From All Competitive Matches

Esports 20-04-2023 17:30
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MSI 2023: Yuumi is banned, so why not just... prolong it forever? | © Riot Games

League of Legends has announced that both Yuumi and Milio will be banned during the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational. This comes as no surprise since neither champion was allowed during playoffs of the four major LoL regions. 

With the cat being banned during the tournament, some players on Reddit have come together, in hopes of convincing the majority of the community that she should be banned in every single professional environment. 


MSI 2023: Yuumi Banned - Fans Believe She Should Always Be Disabled

A Reddit post has gone viral in which players discuss whether Yuumi should be disabled in all levels of pro at all times after Riot announced that she would be banned from the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational. Reddit user YoboDev explained that while Yuumi's update was a success it could also be seen as a buff for any pro players. 

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Yuumi is a champion geared towards lower elo players and beginners, Riot has said so on multiple occasions, and she should not have a spot in pro play and high elo. With her new friendship mechanic she is basically forced to sit atop her ally throughout the entire laning phase to build up friendship points. 

The thing is, Yuumi in pro play does not midn this at all. How many times have you seen Keria jump onto a Hecarim or Lee Sin in the early stages of the game for a gank in mid lane, leaving his bot laner all alone? Rarely. 

Pro play is a much slower paced game – unless you're in the LPL of course – and the Yuumi will happily stay in lane at first until the laning phase is over. 

That's why some fans believe that pro play should have some rules of their own and one of those would be to prohibit the use of Yuumi in professional play. Though another user did state that this could lead to a slippery slope in which fans continuously ask for specific champion bans in pro play and buffs and nerfs. 

So even though it is something to look into, it's highly unlikely that Riot is every going to adopt this kind of a mentality and keep Yuumi in the game, even in pro play, until the day the game finally dies. 

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