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Is the star mid laner back to top form?

Our LEC MVP for Week 6: Team Vitality's Perkz

Esports 01-08-2022 09:00
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Vitality were unstoppable this week! | © Riot Games

Team Vitality mid laner Luka "Perkz" Perković is our MVP for the week after he led his team to victory against both Excel Esports and G2 Esports this weeks. The bees are now tied with Rogue for second place just two weeks before playoffs, and Perkz looks to be in top shape!

Even before the spring season started, Team Vitality's ambitious roster was one of the talks of the LEC fanbase. The French organization had gathered several big stars for their 2022 effort, but the LEC had seen  superteams crash and burn before. In the spring, the squad had a difficult start but managed to make playoffs - only to be defeated 0-3 by G2 Esports on their now-famous lower bracket run to the title. The team's ups and downs continued during the summer and it entered week 6 of the LEC with a solid, but not amazing, 6-5 record.

Vitality had a difficult schedule for this week, having to first take on one of the dark horses of the summer - Excel Esports - before facing off against the spring champions G2 Esports on Sunday. Both teams had scored wins against Perkz and co earlier this split and a 2-0 would not only hurt Vitality's scoreline, but would make it lose any positional ties in the end of the season. Vitality needed everyone to step up, especially its star mid laner, and he rose up to the occasion.

Mirror Matches

The game against Excel saw the entire Vitality squad step up, starting with two early kills in the top lane. Despite a less than stellar early game Perkz stepped up in the mid-game, using his Taliyah's kit to separate the opponents. In several big fights he kept away or killed the enemy Aphelios to ensure his team would have the damage lead needed to win the fight, and the combo combo he and Barney "Alphari" Morris set in the decisive fight was a thing of beauty.

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In the Saturday game against G2 Esports, Perkz hado to place the other side of the matchup, pickin Ahri against Rasmus "caPs" Borregaard Winther's Taliyah. An early gank gave Perkz the opportunity to get first blood against his old rival and he made good use of it, roaming around the map and picking kills. The Vitality mid laner went legendary against his former team in an Ahri masterclass,  going unkilled throughout the game as his team picked an important victory against a rival for the top 4 playoff spots. 

Stats for the Weekend

Perkz had a total KDA 12.0 for both games, with  a 3/2/4 Taliyah against Excel and a stunning 10/0/7 Ahri against G2.


Game 1: Taliyah324
Game 2: Ahri1007

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Team Vitality's summer campaign continues as they take on Team BDS and Astralis next week. Will Perkz lead his team to two more easy wins or will we have someone else step up and take the MVP spot?