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Is anyone even surprised?

T1's League of Legends Squad Was the Most Viewed Team in 2022

Esports 29-12-2022 12:30
T1 worlds finals 2022
The 2022 T1 League of Legends Team was the most popular worldwide. | © Riot Games

The 2022 esports wrap up is out and we now know that the most popular event this year was none other than the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. So, does it come as any surprise that a LoL team also took home the trophy for most viewed team? 

Esports charts have just revealed the numbers of the most popular teams and the Korean squad has topped the charts as the most popular team, as well as org in the year 2022. 

T1 LoL is the Most Popular Esports Team in 2022

Does it come as a surprise for anyone to find out that T1 is the most popular esports team of 2022? With a name like Faker at the helm and having made it to both LCK finals, the MSI final, as well as the 2022 LoL World Championship final, this is a team we couldn't get enough of in 2022. 

According to esports charts, T1's League of Legends squad raked in a total of almost 113-million total hours watched. Their matches in the LCK, at MSI and Worlds raked in an average of 675,000 viewers. Esports charts also revealed that T1's hours watched grew by 53% in comparison to 2021. 

Not only was T1's success in viewership thanks to their international tournament results, but the LCK was also one of the most watched esports events in 2022 with both the Summer and Spring split raking in the top 10 of most viewed esports events of the year. 

Korean LoL Teams Dominate Viewership in 2022

It isn't just T1 that has put up impressive numbers in 2022. The miracle run of DRX throughout the 2022 League of Legends World Championship have catapulted them into the number four slot of most viewed esports teams of the year, followed by Gen.G in seventh place and the 2020 World Champions, DAMWON KIA managed to squeeze into tenth place. 

This goes to show that when it comes to international League of Legends, Korean teams are the most popular. It is important to note that esports charts does not take Chinese viewership numbers into account, hence why none of the popular LPL teams are probably on the list. 

But when it comes to League of Legends esports and viewership, Korean teams are at the helm, with North American and European teams having fallen off this year. 

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