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Team Vitality Reveals All-Women LoL Esports Roster

Esports 20-02-2023 20:40
French Bees Vitality Female Lo L Team
Women's League of Legens is growing! | © Vitality

Women's esports continues to grow, with the biggest French sports org, Team Vitality, announcing their own women's only roster in League of Legends. The team, in cooperation with ALDI, have revealed their 5-woman roster which is set to participate in multiple LAN events and women's leagues. 

Vitality's academy project, named the French Bees, will be added to all of their other professional teams as they participate in multiple local events all over France. 

Team Vitality: First All-Women LoL Roster 

Vitality joins G2 Esports and SK Gaming with their own women's only initiative in League of Legends with the announcement of the French Bees, their all-female LoL squad for 2023. 

The roster is made up of the following members, all of whom are either high Diamond or Master players from France: 

  • ADC: Velouria “Viki” Bati: 25 years old (Master)
  • Support: Emeline “Kasane” Baudouin: 24 years old (Master)
  • Mid Lane: Alyssa “saï” Lenoir: 18 years old (Diamond II)
  • Jungle: Lexa “Lexa” Grellier: 21 years old,(Master)
  • Top Lane: Coline “Chubby Daddy” Reiter: 24 years old (Diamond I)

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Throughout 2023 the team will compete in various French tournaments, kicking things off with the MasterCard Nexus Tour. They are also going to be playing in a Women's League and play at LAN tournaments in France when they have the opportunity. So no, this is not another Vaevictis Esports team. 

According to Vitality's president and co-founder Fabien “Neo” Devide, this is an opportunity for Vitality to establish themselves as front-runners in Women's Esports and to establish themselves even further in the French esports scene. 

We are very proud to present our first all-women team within Vitality. Through this new academy project, we remain faithful to our strategy of identifying, developing, and promoting talent. We hope that this team will go as far as possible in the competition and help pave the way for the further development of women’s esports in France. 

Are you interested in following these young women? Their debut will be at the MasterCard Nexus Tour which is organized by Riot Games. The event will run from February 18 to August 27 and will take place over the course of seven different online tournaments. 

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