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Riot Announce Women-Only LoL Tournament

News 04-11-2022 16:00
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Women only! | © Riot Games

VALORANT's Game Changers, a tournament for women and marginalized communities has been a huge success and it seems like Riot wants to keep the inclusion going by featuring women-only tournaments in the future. 

G2 Esports recently signed an all-female roster for League of Legends, which was already a sign that something is in the works for a women's only tournament or circuit and now Riot has revealed that they're taking the first steps necessary to make it a reality. 


LoL Rising Stars: Women-Only Tournament Revealed

Riot have revealed information for a new tournament called 'Rising Stars' which will be a female exclusive tournament. This tournament will, hopefully, shine a light on women's esports and thus promote more diversity in the professional League of Legends Scene. 

Rising Stars Registration Start and End Dates

If you have a 5-women squad ready, then you can see if you can register already. Registration has kicked off on November 4, 2022 and will go until November 22, 2022. 

You can get more vital information on the official tournament website right here: 

Rising Stars Tournament Days

The tournament will take place on November 26 and 27. You will be able to follow the action through a live broadcast as well if you're interested to find out more about this upcoming event. Which channel's haven't been revealed yet though, but we do suspect the official Riot channels will have something in store for us. 

The tournament will also feature a £3,000 prize pool. Currently, it's only available for players in EUW, but with this being the first of its kind we can imagine more small women-only tournaments popping up all over the world in the coming months. 

Thus far no teams have been announced, but we can imagine teams like G2 Esports, who already have all-women teams to take part in this tournament. 

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