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This is how you can track our western homeboys on their way to Korean challenger

Worlds 2023: Track The Pros In Korea

Esports 05-10-2023 17:22

Worlds are starting soon and now, the last teams arrived as well. Check out, how the players are doing in the most popular SoloQ!

Gumayushi and Faker LCK
Who will be able to beat Faker? | © Riot Games

The pros from all over the world are coming to Korea! Caps, Fudge and many more have gone to Korea to practice for worlds! But how do we know who is who on the Korean Server? How do you track them? Don’t worry, Riftfeed has you covered.

The 2023 World Championship is taking place in Korea this year. With a bit of delay, every team has finally arrived there and ready to practice some SoloQ. It's about time, because the EU Teams just came there, caused by the weird schedule this year, while NA has already been bootcamping for quite a while. 

And yeah, Koreans obviously even longer.

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How To Track The Pros On The Korean Server?

Tracking your favorite pro players isn’t difficult. You just need a single website and then you’ll be able to see their KR summoner name, whether they’re even in-game right then and there. So much information is at the tip of your fingers.

But which site is best when trying to track your favorite pro player? One of the best websites to track any pro players is It’s even got everything you want in the title, right?

Using the site is easy. Even your technologically impaired grandmother can figure it out. Seriously, all you have to do is click on your favorite player and boom! All information you want and need is before you.

You get the players' game history and if you scroll you also get to see all of their accounts. Even inactive accounts. That way you’ll know who they are on the KR server.

C9 Zven
C9 Zven, now playing support | © Riot Games

Who Is The Highest In The Ladder? Who Has The Highest WR?

The player who is highest on the ladder is none other than APA. The NA talent, who actually comes from NA, deserves his place at the top with 1081 LP in Challenger. He is followed by his fellow North Americans.

and Blaber have also reached the Challenger rank with 940 and 813 LP respectively. This is especially respectable for Zven, as he has not been playing support for very long. After the two Cloud9 players, we move on to the Grandmaster tier.

There we find APA’s teammates Yeon, as well as FBI and Dhokla a.k.a. Big Dhokes from NRG. Interestingly, there are two from each NA team in the top 6.

The first EU player to appear is Caps. Baby Faker, as he was called during better times, has also made it to the Grandmaster rank in a very short time. This is because EU teams were only able to come to Korea later due to their schedule.

And then comes the biggest surprise: BDS Labrov is only just below Caps, even though BDS only arrived a very short time ago. This performance from a BDS member is already very impressive.

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Fnatic is ready for Korea | © Riot Games

But now to the highest win rate. Which of our Western homeboys has mastered Korean SoloQ ?

FNC Razork is in first place here, with a win rate of 74%. Labrov follows immediately after, who has even played twice as many games and can also boast a 73.6% WR.

Hans Sama
, Elyoya, and Caps complete the top 5, with win rates of over 70% each.

Although we only see EU players in the top win rates, this is also because some of them are still in the Master tier and therefore have an easier game.

Of course, these statistics are not really meaningful: The guys still have to play against the toughest Korean opponents.

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