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Worlds 2023 Kicks Off With Pentakill

Esports 10-10-2023 16:15

The 2023 Worlds are underway and the action in the Play-In stage is already heating up. But an unlikely player has even managed a Pentakill. Did you have this on your Worlds Bingo Card? 

LOUD Worlds 2023 Play Ins
LoL Worlds 2023: Who would have thought this unlikely player would make a Pentakill! | © Riot Games

Worlds 2023 has kicked off with two exciting matches. PSG Talon, representing the PCS against the LLA representative Movistar R7 kicked off the tournament, followed up by an epic battle between Brasil and Vietnam. 

Now that all the Crystal Ball picks are locked in, it's time to keep updated to see whether you've raked in as many correct picks as possible, but did anyone predict that on the first day we'd already get to see a pentakill? 

Worlds 2023: LoL Player Achieves Pentakill On Day 1

The Play-Ins might not feature the big teams just yet, but it gives fans insight into the potential meta throughout the tournament as the games go on. This year, a few key picks already stand out like Xayah in the bot lane and K'Sante in the top lane. 

But what else did fans get to witness? An insane stomp by the Brasilian team LOUD who are representing their minor region in a big way. 

At the end of game 1 between LOUD and GAM Esports, bot laner Moon ‘Route’ Geom-su managed to get four quick consecutive kills by the enemy team's Nexus. 

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After hitting the Nexus Towers a few times the player then dashed forward towards GAM Esports Xayah that was hiding in the fountain. One fountain dive later and the words 'Pentakill' stood in all-caps on the screens. 

This is his first World Championship Pentakill, with Route having played in the LCK for Jin Air Greenwings and SANDBOX Gaming between 2019 and 2021. It was only by the end of 2022 that he was once again picked up by a team, when he joined LOUD for their 2023 season. 

LOUD will be playing against PSG Talon next on October 12, 2023, while GAM Esports will have to face off against Movistar R7 on October 13, 2023. 

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