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Worlds 2023: T1 Achieves New Jungle Record At Tournament

Esports 06-11-2023 16:40

T1 has just created history at the 2023 LoL World Championship. No team has ever taken as many drakes as they have. But it's just another day in the world of T1, right? 

Oner worlds 2023 quarter finals
LoL Worlds 2023: T1 have reached new heights during their quarter-finals. | © Riot Games

The Worlds 2023 quarter-finals have come to an end. Three LPL teams remain, while T1, is the only remaining LCK team. Weibo Gaming is going to have to go up against BLG in their semi-final, while the LPL's first seed, JDG will play T1. 

But for now let's look back at the quarter-finals and how T1 have made history in the jungle with their series against LNG. 

Worlds 2023: New LoL Jungle Record Made By T1

T1 beat LNG in dramatic fashion, earning themselves a spot at the 2023 League of Legends World Championship semi-finals. No matter what LNG threw at the LCK's second seed it wasn't enough to deter the final Korean team. 

One thing that T1 was eyeing were also the neutral objectives, especially the dragons. In the 3-game series, T1 managed to pick up every single drake, with LNG not even getting close to stealing them or trying to start up dragon either for most of the series. 

This is something that has never been done, with T1 earning 12-drakes (without counting elder) throughout a series, without the other team even gaining a single dragon.

Elemental Dragon Ixtal
T1 got their hands on all the dragons in the series against LNG. | © Riot Games

This goes to show how T1 prioritizes the bot lane and pressure towards it. The whole tournament teams have been playing towards the bot lane, with the ADC role playing a huge part in most wins. The current meta is just a bot-focused meta, hence why teams try to get their hands on dragons to gain bot lane control. 

That's why teams like JDG have been so good, with their bot laner Ruler being one of the best players of the tournament so far. Even Weibo Gaming have switched their playstyle around to focus on bot, while they usually play towards top with Weiwei ganking for TheShy often. 

Going into the semi-finals it'll be exciting to see which champions are picked and how teams will adapt to their opponents in the coming games. 

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