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LoL Veteran Zven Wants To Return To The ADC Role In 2024

News 03-11-2023 10:20

After being with Cloud9 for 4 years and having good national success, Zven is leaving C9. In this article, we delve into Zven's history and explore potential destinations for his next move.

C9 Zven
Zven is now a free agent|©Riot Games

We've reached the end of an era with Zven at Cloud9 and it looks like he's also leaving behind the support role. But who is Zven and what's next on the horizon for him? Let’s dive into his journey and ponder on the paths he might take ahead.

The History Of Zven

Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen, the Danish native, began his journey in the professional League of Legends scene when he was just 17, playing for "Tricked Esport." During his time with this Danish team, he played alongside well-known figures like Jesiz and Trashy, who nowadays goes by the name Kold. Back then, people knew him as Niels HD.

Starting with smaller teams, Zven built up his experience and skills, which led him to join the more renowned SK Gaming Prime in 2014. This was his first foray into a team with a significant presence in the competitive arena.

Zven stepped up to the big leagues when he joined the newly formed Origen in 2014, a team spearheaded by the iconic xPeke. Alongside notable talents like SoaZ, Amazing, xPeke, and his lane partner Mithy, Zven helped the team steamroll through the EU Challenger Series straight into the EU LCS, where they continued their dominant streak.

Their momentum carried them all the way to the 2015 World Championship where they made an impressive run to the Semifinals, only to be halted by the eventual champions, SKT T1.

TSM Zven Mithy
Zven and Mithy were a bot lane duo for 5 years|©Riot Games

In 2016, Zven and Mithy moved over to G2, replacing Hjarnen and Wadid, and after enjoying three successful splits, they made a switch to NA in TSM in 2017.

After a two-year spell with TSM, Zven was on the move again, this time to Cloud9 in 2019, marking the end of his longstanding partnership with Mithy. His stint with Cloud9 turned out to be the most enduring of his career, lasting four years. 

In that time, he even shifted from his accustomed ADC role to take on the support position alongside Berserker, a promising Korean ADC. Now, in November 2023, Zven is leaving Cloud9 and stepping into a new chapter of his career.

Zven's Farewell to Cloud9

It's unknown, whether Zven chose to leave or Cloud9 decided to part ways.

Now that Zven has announced he's a free agent with an eye to get back into the ADC role, there's a lot of speculation about which teams might be interested in signing him up.

Which Team Could Pick Zven Up?

Doublelift 100 Thieves L Cs
Doublelift will most likely stay at 100T|©Riot Games

Since Zven is from Denmark, teams from both the EU and NA could be considered.

Personally, I think it's more likely for him to stay in NA since he has been living there for six years.

Regarding NA teams, almost any team could pick him up.

As Zven has departed from Cloud9, that's at least one team he most likely won't join. I feel like 100 Thieves isn't likely either, as Doublelift is a big name for the press and fans.

Golden Guardians seem pretty content with Stixxay, as they performed quite well this split. Unforg1ven also turned out to be a good fit for Evil Geniuses, which is why I don't think they'll switch to having Zven as their ADC.

Team Liquid's fully Korean roster didn't succeed, but that doesn't mean they'll choose Zven as an ADC.

Immortals also seem pretty set on building around Tactical and Treatz, and NRG had the biggest NA success in a while with their Worlds performance.

Teams that are desperately in need of an ADC include TSM, which already has a history with Zven, as well as FlyQuest and Dignitas.

Crownie1 1603
BDS Crownshot has to bit farewell to his teammates|©Riot Games

For the EU, there are several possible teams. However, let's start with those where Zven is unlikely to land.

G2 is probably overhauling their roster again, but I doubt Zven will meet their standards. 

Fnatic is quite satisfied with Noah, as he's a rookie and has shown promising potential.

Excel is unlikely to release Patrik, their star player.

For Team Heretics, Flakked has become a fan favorite and has settled well since replacing JackSpektra.

Even though Team Vitality desperately needs changes, it would be unwise to let go of Upset, who is considered one of the best, if not the best, EU ADCs of all time.

We could look at MAD Lions since Carzzy hasn't consistently performed at a top ADC level, and they might want significant restructuring. With their merger with Movistar Riders, they'll probably want to field Supa as their ADC to appeal to the Spanish community.

With Astralis's acquisition by Karmine Corp, they will likely aim to build a team with French talent at the forefront.

Crownshot is apparently out of BDS, so this could be a good option for Zven.

That leaves SK Gaming and KOI, but Comp has more recent playing time in the EU, and Exakick is still performing quite well.

I don't think any of the teams are willing to take a chance on Zven, so it looks like he will remain in NA.

That concludes the analysis. I hope you found it insightful. Which team do you think Zven will join?

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