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All Roster Changes for LEC Summer Split 2023

News 17-05-2023 16:15
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With the conclusion of the LEC Spring Split and MAD Lions' hard-fought 3-2 win over Team BDS, the focus now shifts to the upcoming Summer Split, representing the final leg of the LEC season before the highly anticipated LEC Season Finals at year-end. Ahead of the Summer Split, some teams have made changes to their rosters. Below are the latest updates on roster changes within the LEC.

The LEC is currently on a break between splits while the Mid-Season Invitational is happening in London. This gives teams time to look for new players for their roster before the LEC Summer Split begins. 

If you are looking for lots of changes in every roster, we hate to disappoint you. Due to the current economic climate in esports and several wanted players having a too high buyout, this year's rostermaina will be a tad less crazy, according to LEC Woolo

LEC Summer Split 2023 Roster Changes 

The current economic climate in esports has not deterred every team in the LEC from going ahead with some roster changes. Here you can see all the recent changes in the LEC roster. Before we proceed, we want to point out that the teams' plans can change during the split, and these are just the recent updates. So even though these changes are highly likely to get pulled through, take the list with a pinch of salt. 

Some teams, like MAD Lions and G2 Esports, currently competing in MSI, are unlikely to make any changes due to the lack of time between the splits. However, anything can happen, and we will make sure to update this list if any news about any LEC teams comes up. So, without further ado, here are all the current rosters in the LEC.

Fnatic 2023 Summer Split Roster Changes

With several ups and downs this year, Fnatic looks to make some changes to its LEC Summer Split 2023 roster. 

Oscarinin remains the top laner for Fnatic, and Wunder is now parting ways with the organization after having been on the bench since the beginning of the spring split. 

The updated Fnatic roster changes for the LEC Summer Split 2023 are in the table below. As already reported, Rekkles decided to role-swap to support, which left Fnatic without an ADC.  

Fnatic is close to reaching a verbal agreement with Oh "Noah" Hyeon-taek to replace Rekkles, according to Alejandro Gomis from Noah currently plays for Zero Tenacity and was previously a part of the Korean KT Rolster Academy team.

According to Alejandro Gomis, Fnatic and KOI are looking to go through with a support swap, where Fnatic receives Adrian "Trymbi" Trybus in exchange for Fnatic's current support Henk "Advienne" Reijenga.

Fnatic LEC Spring Split 2023 Roster (old)Fnatic LEC Summer Split 2023 Roster (new)









Excel 2023 Summer Split Roster Changes

Excel has been going through a rough patch lately, and it comes as no surprise that they want to make some changes to their roster after two splits of finishing last place. 

With only a weekend left of the spring split, Excel decided to bench their mid laner Vincent "Vetheo" Berrié for mental health reasons and bring in their substitute Felix "Abbedagge" Braun instead. Now it looks like Excel has decided to have Abbedagge remain the primary mid laner going into the summer split.

We will also see a change in Excel's jungle going into the next split. According to LEC Wooloo, Excel has reached a verbal agreement with EMEA Masters finalist Lee "Peach" Min-gyu to be their starting jungler for the summer split. 

Excel's former jungler Andrei "Xerxe" Dragomir is looking to join the Spanish team Giants, according to Alejandro Gomis.

Excel LEC Spring Split 2023 Roster (old)Excel LEC Summer Split 2023 Roster (new)

 Team Heretics 2023 Summer Split Roster Changes

Another team looking to make some changes after a disappointing spring split is Team Heretics. 

According to investigative reporter Eros, former G2 ADC Victor "Flakked" Lirola Tortosa will be promoted by Team Heretics and will be the starting bot laner for the organization. He will then be reunited with his former jungler back at G2 Esports. Jankos.

Jakob "Jackspektra" Gullvag Kepple will remain on TH but play for the academy team. 

Also, the former mid laner for Excel, Vincent "Vetheo" Berrié, has reached a verbal agreement with the organization and will join Team Heretics for the summer, according to Alejandro Gomis from

Team Heretics Spring Split 2023 Roster (old)Team Heretics LEC Summer Split 2023 Roster (new)

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KOI 2023 Summer Split Roster Changes

The last team with reported roster changes is KOI. As already mentioned, KOI has decided to do a support trade with Fnatic, giving up their support Adrian "Trymbi" Trybusin in exchange for Henk "Advienne" Reijenga. 

With this exchange, this is the updated roster for KOI going into the LEC Summer Split 2023: 

KOI Spring Split 2023 Roster (old)KOI LEC Summer Split 2023 Roster (new)

LoL: All LEC Summer Split 2023 Rosters 

Now that we have looked at all the reported roster changes let's summarize all rosters we expect to see going into the LEC Summer Split 2023. 

Of course, these are still subject to change, and we will keep you updated with any new changes. Here are all the expected rosters for the 2023 LEC Summer Split: 

AstralisTeam BDSExcelFnaticG2 Esports
TopFinnAdamOdoamneOscarininBroken Blade
ADCKobbeCrowniePatrikNoahHans Sama

KOIMAD LionsSK GamingTeam HereticsVitality
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