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A first step in making esports culture less toxic

Faker And T1 Suing Toxic Fans

News 20-07-2022 12:30
T1 lawyers holding lawsuit
T1 Lawyers holding the lawsuit. | © @AshleyKang

T1 and Faker are suing all the toxic fans that have harassed the player or organization in the past. On the 19th of July, the lawyers filed the lawsuit in hopes of making toxic fans on the internet more accountable for their bad behavior. 

We all know how toxic League of Legends can be, or gamers in general. Be it raging and cussing at others for something they did, or just straight up running it down mid, we've all come across one of those at some point. But this is nothing compared to the hate professional players receive. In any sport, hate just seems to part of it, and now T1 and Faker are taking some first steps to combat this. 

T1 And Faker Want To Create A More Healthy Esports Culture

Toxicity and harassment are some things every LoL player has to deal with, even the greatest player of all time, Faker. For T1, the hate reached its breaking point in 2020, when they benched their star player, Faker, for Clozer. Even though T1 has found its way back to dominating the LCK, the hate hasn't stopped. Faker and the organization still get hated on by some fans, which really is inexplicable, considering the amount of success both of them have. I guess the more successful you are, the more hate you get. 

Now T1 and Faker have decided to fight back. The team and the players have decided to file a lawsuit against all the John Does that have verbally harassed the player or organization. T1 mentioned that this lawsuit isn't going to be a one-off measure, and that they will do everything they can to help protect their players from future harassment. Not only does this make the people more accountable for their words on the internet, but this also punishes the people that think harassing people online doesn't have any consequences. Now it does, at least in South Korea.

But the lawsuit's main goal isn't to punish the people that harass people, but to create a healthier and more respectful esports culture. Harassing people online has sadly become something that everyone just accepts as normal, and this lawsuit brings attention to the fact, that the words you type into your screen affect other people. We all love esports, and want the league to be as competitive as possible, and obviously we all have a team we dislike, but harassing those players, isn't the way to go. 

Hopefully, this is a first step in the right direction. What do you think of the lawsuit? Will this stop some of the harassment? We all just want to have a good time playing video games, and hate really doesn't have a place in that world.