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Is the Losers Queue in League of Legends Real or Just a Myth?

News 04-04-2023 19:17
Spirit Blossom Yasuo
So you believe in the LoL Losers Queue? | © Riot Games

Is the infamous Loser's Queue real, or is it something we tell ourselves to cope with our terrible plays? Recent incidents have some players convinced of its existence.

We all have bad days in League of Legends. Some days, no matter how hard you try, it seems like you're not able to win a single game despite putting all your efforts into your SoloQ game. Sometimes, it seems like Riot Games have just suddenly decided to curse you by putting you in the infamous "Losers Queue", where every second game, you are teamed up with a 0/11 Yasuo mid lane, unable to get carried. 

Now, these days usually pass, and Riot Games have even publicly talked about Loser's Queue not being an actual thing, even though it really feels like it sometimes. However, some recent incidents have made players wonder if Losers Queue exists.

You might be on a losing streak, but with this video, you will still feel like a chad while losing:

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According to Rival on YouTube, several well-known players have been sharing their insane losing streaks on Twitter, causing players to bring back the urban myth about the Losers Queue. One EUW challenger called XYZ was sharing his win/loss ratio from the past few days, and, as you can see, it is mostly red. 

This Tweet was then quoted by the Challenger Rengar player, Pusi, bringing up the question of why so many players are having insane losing streaks currently. Pusi himself does not believe in the Losers Queue but thinks it seems crazy what is currently happening. 

Also, Dantes recently shared his recent games. In most of the games he played, Dantes seems to play reasonably well himself but still loses most of his games. 

Since then, however, Dantes has started winning again and reclaimed his rank as Grandmaster on April 3, but to a cost... 

It is difficult to say whether the Loser's Queue is an actual thing or if it is just a big coincidence where several players have found themselves in a similar situation. It is also not unheard of that players get tilted and cause their own losing streak, even though their KDA might not always show it. 

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