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G2 without Jankos?!

Jankos Announces Departure from G2 Esports

Esports 24-10-2022 10:40
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Where will Jankos go next? | © Riot Games

G2 Esports just finished their Worlds run for 2022, ending with a disappointing score of 1-5 in Group Stage. Many fans were let down and even blamed some of the players. Luckily for them, a former teammate came  to the rescue. Now, it looks like G2 Esports is saying farewell to Jankos and Flakked.

Yes, you read right. G2 Esports might be saying goodbye to their ADC, Flakked, and their well-known jungler, Jankos. This was first reported by investigative journalist LEC Wooloo, who shared the news on his Twitter.

According to Wooloo, Flakked and Jankos have been allowed the opportunity to explore other options for next year, as G2 has no plans on keeping them for another season. 

Flakked is one of the newer members in G2 and joined the team back in December 2021 The ADC has been playing for G2 Esports for a total of two seasons and is now supposedly looking for new possibilities.

Jankos has created quite a name for himself in G2 Esports and is the longest-staying member of the current roster

Throughout his career at G2, many fans have started to see him as the face of the organization through his big personality, shown on his own stream and on-stage. 

The polish jungler was also part of the roster that made it all the way to the Worlds 2019 Final, where they lost 0-3 against FunPlus Phoenix. The same roster also won MSI the same year. 

[Update, October 24] 

Jankos Confirmed G2 Departure - "Everything Has to End at Some Point" 

In a recent video and stream Jankos has stated that he is leaving G2. He also posted a video on his YouTube channel where he went over the last year with G2 Esports, as well as talk about his whole career on G2 Esports since 2018. He also spoke about G2 Esports record at Worlds 2022 and what had gone wrong for the team there. 

He specifically told his fans that he was still looking to play in 2023 and won't be retiring just yet. In a stream he said the same thing, though he also stated that he could just take a break for a year from pro gaming and focus on streaming, if he doesn't get any favourable contract options. 

Where Will Jankos Play in 2022? 

In his Twitch stream, Jankos did state that he thinks it's better to go to a strong LCS team that will likely make worlds or even MSI, rather than a weak LEC team where he won't have a chance of making it. Whether we will see him in NA or in EU is yet to be decided though. 

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Fans Ask for Jankos' Retirement After Disappointing Worlds Run

Many fans expected more from the previous Worlds finalist for this year's League of Legends World Championship. When G2 didn’t live up to their expectations, not even making it out of the Worlds 2022 Groups Stage, a lot of fans were left disappointed. 

As a result, fans started asking questions about the current roster and if the star-jungler Jankos were in due of retiring his career as a pro player. 

During worlds, Jankos shared the 11th place in terms of KDA of all the junglers, together with EG Inspired. That is the 6th lowest of all the junglers. He did, however, also have a 4th highest kill participation of all the junglers, according to

Perkz Stands up for Jankos

Perkz Jankos Goals
Name a better duo. | © Riot Games

As the criticism of the Polish jungler was flowing in, his former teammate, Perkz came to the rescue and stood up for Jankos during his own stream. 

You guys saying jankos should retire, you guys are definetly trolling. Jankos is still a top tier jungler. 

Perkz and Jankos played together on G2 Esprots for three years before Perkz left for one year to North America to play for Cloud9. In 2022, Perkz has been playing for the Eurpoean team, Vitality. 

Further on in his stream, Perkz goes on on explaining how it is "easy to look bad in the jungle when your lanes are losing." 

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Even though Jankos has had games throughout this season where he was not playing that great, Perkz does not think it is Jankos' fault that G2 Esports lost at Worlds 2022 and even meant that Jankos' Graves had surpassed his expectations

As we turn our heads next year, it will be exciting to see what other big changes are coming our way. Who knows, maybe we will see the return of Rekkles in the LEC? 

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