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Backstabbed, Betrayed

Rekkles Will Return to Fnatic in 2023

Karmine Corp Rekkles
Who would have thought? | © Riot Games

Yes, you read right, and this time it seems to actually be true. Rekkles is set to return to Fnatic in 2023.

Rekkles used to be the face of Fnatic for a long time. Not only was he the longest-serving member of the organization, but he was also known for bringing his team to new heights throughout his career. 

His leave from Fnatic to join their biggest rivals, G2 Esports, was a big surprise for many, and many Fnatic fans were disappointed. Rekkles' change of team was, in fact, such a big deal that the LEC casters even decided to make a song for the occasion:

Two years later, it seems like everything is forgiven as, according to Investigative journalist LEC Wooloo, Rekkles will return to Fnatic. 

This is not the first time Rekkles left Fnatic to join another team. All the way back in the spring split of 2015, Rekkles chose team Elements instead of Fnatic. However, the results were not what the Swedish ADC was hoping for, and the team finished 7-11 after the season. 

What do you think about the return of Rekkles? Honestly, the return gives off some toxic relationship vibes, where one side continues to cheat on the other part, and they keep forgiving him every time he shows some interest... IT'S TIME TO MOVE ON, FNATIC.

Rekkles Open to Roleswap to Support

After a year in the LFL with Karmine Corp, Rekkles really wanted to return to the LEC. On a recent stream, talking about the offseason rumors, Rekkles mentioned that he is open to swapping to support. 

Considering all the time the Swedish ADC has spent in the bot lane, he believes he could adapt to the support role relatively quickly. 

Even though Rekkles was open for a change, he will return to Fnatic as their AD Carry.

Hylissang and Upset Leave Fnatic

Hylissang Upset Fnatic
Is this the last we will see of the Fnatic bot lane duo? | © Riot Games

Despite surprising many during their LEC playoffs run, many fans started doubting the Fnatic roster after barely qualifying for the European Playoffs this summer and after their disappointing Worlds performance. Looking towards next year, we ask which of the players are likely to stay on Fnatic for another year. 

Throughout the years, Fnatic has made quite a name for itself in the European league. Since the beginning of the LEC, Fnatic holds the second-most titles, only behind G2 Esports.

Fnatic was also the first team in Europe to make it to the Worlds Finals back in 2018 against Invictus gaming, where Fnatic lost 3-0 (Fnatic also won the first World Championship, but because of the lack of regions attending, it did not really count). 

Fnatic was the team in Europe until G2 Esports took their place. Throughout its years, Fnatic has been a part of creating some memorable names like Huni, Febiven, Caps, Bwipo, Nemesis, Hyllisang, and, last but not least, Rekkles.  

In the current roster, we find Wunder (top), Razork (jungle), Humanoid (mid), Upset (bot), Hylissang (support), and YamatoCannon (coach). 

But which one of these players has to say goodbye to their current team next year, and who will be there to replace them? Here are all the recent rumors about the future of Fnatic. 

Who is Rumoured to Stay?

Fnc Humanoid Worlds
Humanoid is likely to stay for another year. | © Riot Games

Well, well, well. It looks like some of the newer players on Fnatic are here to stay. All this information comes from Esportmaníacos, later translated and summarized by u/Beatnation on Reddit

The players likely to stay for another year are Razork, Wunder, and Humanoid

According to Esportmaníacos, the chance of Wunder and Humanoid staying are very high. There is, however, still a chance for Razork to be swapped out with another player (Elyoya), though this is highly unlikely. 

Who Is Rumoured to Leave? 

The longest-serving member of Fnatic, Hyllisang, is rumored to leave Fnatic next year. Though it looks like he will also bring his bot lane duo, Upset, and Fnatic's Coach, YamatoCanon, with him on his way out. 

It is still not 100% certain that these players will be out of Fnatic for next year, but again according to Esportmaníacos, it is very likely that Upset and Hylissang will be leaving Fnatic for next year. 

Even more certain is the departure of YamatoCannon. Yamato is also rumored to be looking for options to coach in NA. 

Who Will Join Fnatic Next Year? 

Fnatic Razork
Razork is likely to stay with Fnatic. | © Riot Games

Besides Rekkles, there are various rumors on who will join Fnatic going into the new season. Some people want to see Selfmade once again join the roster, whereas others are hoping for a Fnatic Jankos. However, with the return of Rekkles to FNC, it is unlikely that we will see the polish jungler joining as well. 

Additionally, Fnatic already has a jungler, and it is not unlikely that they chose to continue with Razork for another year. 

The main question, for now, is who will become the next Fnatic support. Who knows, maybe we will see another rookie join the squad.

It is important to note that this information is still not confirmed, and for now, we are dealing with rumors. So, who are you hoping to see on Fnatic for next season?

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