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Riot, why?!

K'Sante Game Interaction Changed Before Release

K'Sante Base Splash
Riot made a change to one of the funniest interactions in the game. Sadge. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is a pretty old game and some bugs and mistakes are in the game that Riot just refuses to do something about some of them, but for some reason, this one hilarious interaction they've decided to change right away before it ever got to go on live servers. 

Riot is removing an interaction from K'Sante's kit and some players are pretty disappointed that out of all the wacky bugs in the game this is the one they've decided to fix. At least we can still swing infinitely in circles with Akshan, eh? 


K'Sante Ultimate Interaction Fixed on PBE Server 12.21 

Until a while ago players, when standing in the perfect spot, had the opportunity to yeet the enemy from the alcove, all the way back into the fountain with K'Sante's ultimate, the top lane tank even teleporting to the enemy fountain as well as is the interaction of his ultimate. 

Well, this interaction has been cut from the game. Sure, if you use K'Sante's ultimate against a wall it'll still have this wanted result, but you won't be able to throw one champion from one end to the other anymore while standing int he aclove. 

To get this exact interaction though the enemy and K'Sante would have had to stand in the perfect positions and in a game situation it could have been highly unlikely, but Riot felt the need to fix it just in case. Though, many players have lamented this change, even stating that if they'd been killed like this they wouldn't even be mad. 

Not a fan of these new champions? Then play one of the OGs: 

K'Sante Ultimate Interaction not Completely Gone

Riot Llama, who tweeted about these changes did explain that while this change has been added to the Summoner's Rift map, there are some maps you'll still be able to do this on. Now, in League of Legends we don't have a lot of variety when it comes to maps, so obviously there is only one choice. 

If any of you guys enjoy a good ole ARAM game, then you can test it out with K'Sante once he goes live in LoL Patch 12.21, because it seems that you're still able to force your enemy back all the way to their own Nexus with K'Sante's ultimate. 

So not all is lost, since we've still got the interaction in ARAM, right? K'Sante will be a unique top lane champion who can go between tank and fighter. Will he be OP or has Riot managed to balance him before his release. He has received some buffs on PBE so we're excited to see what kind of a champion he will shape up to be. 

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