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What is the tea on the Essence Emporium?

League of Legends Dev Finally Gives Info On Essence Emporium

News 06-03-2023 23:30
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When is the next Essence Emporium in LoL? | © Riot Games

The Essence Emporium has been paused for quite some time, with no sign of it coming back any time soon. Finally, after half a year, Riot has finally adressed the Blue Essence sale question on Reddit, but was it the news we'd been hoping for?

The Essence Emporium gave LoL players a chance to get rid of their blue essence, the free currency you get more than enough of in LoL. But in LoL Patch 12.12 it was announced the emporium would be going on hiatus without any news since. 

LoL Dev Addresses Essence Emporium

On a Reddit thread, one redditor was asked about the Essence Emporium and whether there is any news regarding the return of the sale. Unfortunately, the answer was not that which some players had hoped for. 

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Rioter GalaxySmash weighed in on the discussion regarding excess blue essence and what to do with it. When asked about the emporium they simply stated that "there is currently no official update, but that the Essence Emporium has not been forgotten". 

At least they still have it on their radar, but some fans were pretty disappointed to find out that there isn't anything new coming to replace the emporium or that Riot has been able to update the sale in some way for it to come back soon. 

It seems that in recent times, due to the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of teams have been shuffled around at Riot, with key people leaving, that it could take a while until we get another Essence Emporium, depending on whether the team in charge of events like this has been filled and had time to work on the project. 

Riot has been doing a better job of being transparent with players, especially after the awful start to Season 13, but when it comes to the Blue Essence sale they still have to make an official announcement to let every fan know even those who aren't on Reddit. 

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