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What might be in store for Riot's top game?

League to Get Biggest ever Budget for 2023

News 29-11-2022 09:00
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The future of League is looking bright! © Riot Games

Riot's CEO has confirmed that the budget going to development of League of Legends in 2023 will be the highest it's ever had. But what will all that money go to?

Over its some 13 years of history League of Legends has proven to be one of the most financially successful games ever made, earning its developer and publisher Riot Games over a billion dollars per year on several occasions. Despite its age, it has not slowed down and remains hugely popular, and a lot of that budget has gone just in content for the game itself, but also into amazing video and music.

Many fans have joked that Riot Games is not a game developer and producer, but a music and video production company that makes a game on the side. It's not true, of course, but it speaks of the respect Riot's multimedia team has won among fans with amazing video for season starts or champion introductions or kickass songs for events and, in the case of Pentakill, entire metal albums available for free to popularize skins. In fact, there are probably quite a few players who might have preferred more of Riot's budget to go for the balance team, but that is another story.

Riot Games CEONicolo Laurent, recently speaking on the Konbini YouTube channel, divulged that developing the game is still very important for the company and takes over 500 of its some 4000 employers. In addition, Nicolo confirmed that the 2023 budget for League of Legends is the biggest in the games' history. Considering some of the spectacles Leagues has provided previously, this sounds promising. However, he did not divulge any information on what the League team has in mind. While it is likely that a lot of that extra money will go to developing new champions, skins and redesigns - the heartblood of the game - it is very possible that League will have some exciting new media content for the upcoming year. 

Of course, new content for LoL is not the only thing we can expect for 2023. Fans have been chomping at the bit to see more of Arcane and "some time in 2023" is an often floated rumor. Likewise, we should start to see more about Project L, Riot's new fighting game - back in 2021, developers said it is not coming that year or in 2022, which means 2023 was at least internally considered a possibility. The ARPG Project F is unlikely to be released next year considering how little we have seen about it, but as the game progresses, Riot may release more information.

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Overall, it seems LoL and Runeterra fans will have plenty to look forward to. What rumor for next year is your favorite?