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LoL: Excel CEO Apologizes for Terrible Results in the LEC Winter Split

News 09-02-2023 14:05
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At least it cannot get worse. | © Riot Games

Excel just ended the LEC Winter Split in last place with the worst results ever. So now the organization's CEO wants to apologize. 

It is always rough seeing your favorite team lose, especially when so much more was expected from them. For the 2023 season of the LEC, the new Excel roster was stacked with big names ready to fight in the first ever League of Legends EMEA Championship, and many expected them to win it all. But oh, how wrong one can be. The first stage of the LEC Winter Split is over, and Excel Esports belongs to one of the first teams to be eliminated together with Fnatic

Through a total of nine games, Excel only managed to get one win before their journey was over, and they are now out of the competition and cannot compete in the next stage - the LEC Winter Split Group Stage. These results are nowhere near acceptable for a roster like Excel's. Even players from the team agreed and came out, showing their disappointment. Excel's mid lane Vincent "Vetheo" Berrié stated he had lost all confidence in himself after their bad results. Also, Excel's top laner and former LEC Champion Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu shared his dismay on Twitter: 

It is safe to say that something has to be changed to get Excel back up again, and it looks like Excel is already working on it. According to sources, Excel has decided to remove a big part of its coaching staff, moving on to the LEC Spring Split. Excel's CEO, Tim Reichert, also went on Twitter yesterday apologizing for their terrible showings from the past few weeks. He also shared some words on what went wrong in this split. According to Tim, the team had no synergy and also felt the pressure to achieve something extraordinary.

The team did not work as a team. 

Reichert also explained that this isn't the fault of any of the players, but rather something is wrong with the team as a whole and that they are now working to improve for the next split. The CEO apologized for the past performance but also guaranteed there would be progress for the LEC Spring Split. 

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While writing this article, Excel announced on Twitter they will make an update today (February 9, at 5 pm GMT)  to explain what went wrong this split. So stay tuned if you are interested. It is currently unknown whether Excel Esports wants to keep its current roster going on forward or if they are looking to make some changes. Currently, their roster consists of Odoamne, Xerxe, Vetheo, Patrik, and Targamas. Do you think Excel has what it takes to become a top performing team? 

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