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A fan invented the Champion Selection 2.0

LoL: It's Time for a New Champion Select!

News 03-08-2021 16:30
Champion Selection 2 0
Some dreams definitely should come true... | © Zendru / Reddit

Reddit is a great place for video game enthusiasts. And user u/Zendruuu confirms that once again. He loves League of Legends, but it's hard to love solo queue alike. Therefore, he tried to create a new, better champion select to make the LoL experience more bearable. Of course you can find out all about the new features here.

He sort of created a champion select 2.0, which is a new version of the champ select we know. No spoilers, but let us say so much: The ideas Zendruuu has, are amazing and we really hope that riot sees the post!

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The New Champion Select 2.0 is so much better!

In a Reddit post, the creator explains with very handy pictures, what he would change in the LoL client. He would starts with the lobby screen, where he would add the option to let the players pick their favourite champion. This could safe quite some headaches when your teammates banned your main without asking...again.

Lo L Lobby 2 0
There is enough space under the icon anway, Riot! | © Zendru/Reddit

It almost looks like the feature has always been there, don't you think? But wait and see, it gets much better.

New Champion Selection Features: Kick, Buy and Swap Positions

Quite a few changes would be done to the draft phase of League of Legends if it were up to u/Zendruuu. All of us have experienced it before. We wanted to trade champions with our teammates, but can't because either them or us don't own them. Then the whole drafts goes nuts and yup end up with Ezreal in the jungle or Lulu in the top lane... GG from the start.

Lo L Draft 2 0
But wait. There is more!? | © Zendru/Reddit

u/Zendruuu also added in some visuals where your teammates can see your two preferred roles. Another feature is the anonymity. Everyone´s Summoner Name is just a number. That way you can't tell if you got paired with the bad or good players from last game. Especially in the first case it often would lead to so much more tilt and flame, before the game even started. And what is worse, than a lost game from selection on!?

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The Best Features of the New Champ Select

If you know you're the best and can win in any situation, just let yourself be the first pick of the team´s draft. One of Zendruuu´s new features would be a position swap. As soon as both players agree, you will be swaped. This would solve the whole swapping champions, woudln't it?

Also, it would be possible to kick toxic players who threaten to feed or troll. As soon as the whole team agrees to it, the guy will get kicked and you receive another player for the role, if available. If not, you'd get back to top of the queue. The last eye candy is a Items & Runes tab post screen where everyone can see the building path, dmg done by runes and what specific runes the said player picked. Not just the keystone.

If you're curious how this looks in real time and HD just watch this video, which explains the whole process in detail:

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We are quite excited about these ideas to better the champion selection process. We can't believe how much stuff the community can come up with, but we hope that Riot takes the hint and maybe, for League of Legends Season 12, we can have some of these ideas implemented into the LoL client. Riot, hire Zendruuu already!

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