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LoL: Reddit Community Attacks Phreak Over Patch Notes Comments

News 26-07-2023 18:05
Phreak at Worlds Quarters 2022
Phreak has once more provoked the wrath of the League of Legends Subreddit army. | © Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

If there is one thing Riot's game designers are quite good at, it is communicating to their player base. However, sometimes they say things the community does not want to hear. Game designer and former LoL Esports caster David 'Phreak' Turley has made a statement on the official League of Legends subreddit about the upcoming Kai'Sa nerfs that did not make every redditor happy.

In a thread that called the planned Kai'Sa nerfs "not convincing", redditor MohamedRefai has tagged Phreak and asked for the reasoning behind the Void Daughter's changes. Phreak replied by calling out the habit of some players not to read patch notes, taking a jab at professional players too.

While ultimately harmless, not every redditor enjoyed Phreak's remarks. Under his reply, he is facing a lot of criticism and also some insults from an unhappy community.

MohamedRefai, who has originally tagged Phreak, asked the game designer about a different approach that forces Kai'Sa back into basic attack-heavy builds.

User yung_dogie pointed out the psychological effects that the appearance of a champion on the list for buffs or nerfs has on the players.

Negative Comments Coming Phreak's Way As Redditors Await Further Answers

Arcade kaisa
Kai'Sa remains a popular champion. | © Riot Games

On the other side, user Knifferoo is seeing parallels to Nidalee, who has been overpowered in 2013 and also centered around a high-damage, long-range ability. However, users do not entirely agree on their take, as 2013 Nidalee and 2023 Kai'Sa have noticable differences in sustain and mobility.

Last, but not least, Ramus_N adds, possibly with a slight grain of sarcasm, that Riot are purposefully keeping Kai'Sa on the strong side to sell possibly upcoming merch better.

Phreak has not yet reacted to any of those comments. So far, the balancing team has not shared any further nerfs to Kai'Sa apart from those that are already planned for patch 13.15.

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