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Some of theses picks are just pure evil ...

LoL: The Worst Flex Picks In The Game

News 22-04-2024 16:31

In League of Legends, each champion has its very own role and place within the game, however some players like to experiment a little more with certain picks, letting everyone else go completely insane. Let's take a look at three especially annoying ones! 

Dawnbringer Vayne
LoL: These three flex picks will make you lose your mind! | © Riot Games

Flex picks in League of Legends are actually quite an innovative thing! There's nothing wrong with players trying out their favorite champions somewhere other than the intended lane, right? 

Well, that depends on who you're asking! Some of these experimentalist are definitely messing with the meta and do not only drive their opponents out of their minds but their own team as well!

LoL: The Worst Flex Picks In The Game

Let's appreciate three of the worst and most annoying flex picks!

#3 Vayne

To start things off, we will take a closer look at a certain ADC, who is messing with most top laners on a daily basis: Vayne! 

Playing against an ADC on the top lane is always super annoying and just feels frustrating. However, the worst one has to be Vayne for sure. She is not only ranged, but is also a hard counter to every tank in the entire game. All she wants to do is get as much gold and farm as humanly possible, enabling her true strength in the later stages of the game. Of course, this works best if you can do so without being disturbed, which is the case on the top lane! 

In order to have a chance against this super annoying pick, try champions that have high kill pressure on her or are even more annoying than Vayne herself! Another ranged top laner works great! 

#2 Skarner

The new Skarner is making the Summoner's Rift an entire mess, and unfortunately not just in the jungle, where he actually belongs!

Skarner Base Splash Art
LoL: Skarner support is definitely something ... | © Riot Games

However, it is particularly annoying on the bot lane! — No, don't worry, not as an ADC, but as a support! Skarner support is the latest trend right now, and it's just painful to play against! He is super tanky and can poke surprisingly well with his Q — Upheaval, which also slowing the enemies it hits a pretty respectable amount. 

However, it gets really bad at level six when he has his ultimate. Then you and your mate should really take care of yourselves, otherwise you may find yourself under the opponent's tower sooner than you think!

#1 Shaco

At the top of our list is a champion who holds a special place in my heart too. He's small, throws a knife at you, and can split into at least as many clones as he has personalities. — That's right, Shaco! 

Masked shaco
Shaco is so annoying no matter where he is played. | © Riot Games

Whoever thought that Shaco support is a funny thing really should be punished! It's not enough that you can build him both AP and AD, his little boxes on the lane are really one of the most annoying things in the entire game. Are you trying to initiate a fight? — Nope, a Shaco box unfortunately feared you away! Your jungler wants to gank? — Not with Shaco! His boxes are like an impenetrable wall. I guess you get what I'm trying to say… 

The only thing that actually works well against a Shaco is getting as much Control Wards as possible and try to inform your team if he goes missing as soon as he leaves the lane. 

Flex picks in League of Legends can be pretty fun, however, some of them just make your game a living nightmare! What is your most hated Flex pick? (Yep, mine is Shaco.)

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