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LoL: Vitality Is Already Rumored To Have A New Midlaner

Esports 25-10-2023 09:00

The latest rumor is that Perkz has parted ways with Vitality, and there are already indications of a new mid laner joining the team.

Team Vitality by Wojciech Wandzel Riot Games
Team Vitality wants to change up their roster |©Riot Games

Team Vitality has been striving to create a superteam over the past few years, with fans believing that this team would finally win Worlds. However, superteams often don't work as expected, and as a result, Vitality has failed to qualify for Worlds. Whether they had Bo, Upset, or Perkz on their roster, something seems to be amiss with Vitality's approach.

Now, it's clear that they have to make changes to their roster. According to sources, Daglas has already been promoted to the main jungler position. This decision is somewhat questionable since Bo has shown exceptional skills. However, this would give Bo a chance to shine instead of putting him on champions like Vi or Maokai.

Why Do We Suspect There's Already A New Mid Laner Locked?

There's a Jankos video circulating online, and Jankos is known for leaking information. 

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In the video, he suggests that players can't be compared. He gives examples of Wunder and Oscarinin, himself and Yike, and when it comes to comparing with Perkz, he refrains from making any comments.

Whether Vitality's new mid laner has already been decided is uncertain, but what can be said is that Perkz is likely no longer a part of Vitality, and he has either been acquired by another team or Vitality has found a new mid laner. The latter seems more probable, given the rumors that Daglas will be Vitality's new main jungler, indicating a complete overhaul of the roster.

Perkz' Career

Perkz VIT
Perkz has been one of the best EU mid laners for a long time |©Riot Games

Perkz's career primarily revolved around G2 from 2015 to 2020. He briefly joined Millennium in early 2015 but stayed with G2 as their star player for five years. While the roster around him changed, Perkz remained constant. With this team, he won MSI and reached the Worlds Final, where G2 unfortunately lost 0:3 to FPX. During this time, Perkz switched between the ADC and mid lane roles.

In 2020, Perkz played for Cloud9 for a year, this time as a mid laner. However, it was evident that he never quite found his footing in this role again. While he remained a good player and won a split with Cloud9, he was no longer the legendary mid laner everyone knew. In December 2021, he was brought to Team Vitality. However, the desired success of the superteam did not materialize, partly because Perkz had some underwhelming performances in certain games.

Who Could The New Vitality Mid Laner Be?

C9 Jensen
Jensen has been in NA for a long time, but maybe he's coming back to Europe? |©Riot Games

There are several possibilities to consider. Vitality might opt for a veteran in the mid lane, given that their jungler is a rookie. On the other hand, they could feel that, in light of the setbacks experienced by expensive superteams, they should invest in young talents and save some money. Since Vitality is based in France, these young talents are likely to be French or playing in the French league right now.

Possible veterans include Jensen, who recently parted ways with Dignitas and has been playing in NA for a long time. Many forget that Jensen is originally from Europe, which could make him a valuable veteran for Vitality, especially if they decide to keep Upset and need a mid laner who can play a supportive role. Will Jensen carry every game in the LEC? Probably not.

Another option could be Nemesis, who fans have been hoping to see return to competitive play for a long time. Nemesis has been performing well in Korean SoloQ and has recently moved away from Korea. He could be a good choice for Vitality to boost their viewership numbers. Additionally, Nemesis is known for his shotcalling skills and exceptional mid lane talent.

Saken Ryze 05011
Saken is still under contract with KCorp. Will he get bought out?|©Riot Games

Among the potential newcomers is Saken, who currently plays for KCorp and won the EMEA Masters 2023 with them. Being a French player, Saken could help Vitality secure a portion of the French fanbase. It's also possible that Vitality intends to retain Saken on their roster.

Czekolad, while not French, secured second place in the French league. If Vitality aims to build a roster around young talents, he could be an option.

Lastly, there's toucouille, another French player who reached the semifinals of the EMEA Masters. He also played in the United States for Flyquest, gaining valuable experience in the larger professional scene.

In summary, Vitality has a range of options to consider for their mid lane position, and their decision will likely have a significant impact on their performance in the upcoming season.

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