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LPL Finals | JDG vs. TES Go To Five Games Again

Who would have thought that this was going to be the outcome? | © Riot Games

The LPL Finals came to an end on September 1, 2022 in an exciting 5-game series between Top Esports and JD Gaming. Would Top Esports be able to avenge their reverse sweep from the semi-finals or would JDG have the upper hand once more by the end of the series? 

The LPL is known for their team fighting prowess and their action packed games. Games are quick and bloody with fights over objectives taking place often and the finals were no exception here. Both teams came out to play as the whole series went back-and-forth. 

Blue Side Reigns Supreme

In League of Legends, drafting plays a huge role, especially on a pro level and side selection plays a key role in drafting. The LPL finals showed this off once more. In drafting, the losing team always has side selection and we saw just how important the blue side was in the draft. 

Each and every game was won by the team on blue side and with JDG having side selection in the first match, they got the upper hand in the series right away. While the second and fourth game were taken by Top Esports and the fifth was leaning heavily in their favour, JDG rallied and came back to take home the organization's second LPL championship. 

Yagao Wins LPL Finals MVP Award

Yagao, JDG's mid laner, had an insane series, especially his play on Ahri was praiseworthy. The third game would have been lost, had it not been for Yagao and his supreme play on the mid lane mage. He was truly the glue that kept his team together and helped them earn their second championship. 

I proved myself to everyone today, finally being able to fix the regrets from 2 years ago.

Yagao, who has been on JDG since 2018, explained in his Finals MVP speech after the match. Two years ago JDG faced off against Top Esports in the LPL Summer Finals and lost in a five-game series. This win has catapulted JDG into the number one seed of the LPL heading into the 2022 League of Legends World Championship in North America this year. 

To know who else is going to make it to the biggest esports event of the year, you'll have to follow the LPL Regional qualifiers. Will former World Champions, EDG be able to make it and is Rookie going to represent the LPL once more? So many questions, but for now we're just going to celebrate the JDG win after an exciting 5-game series.