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Who are going to be the final two teams from the LPL at Worlds 2022?

LPL Regional Qualifiers | Teams, Schedule & Live-Stream

Esports 04-09-2022 17:00
LNG Tarzan Worlds 2021
Will we be seeing LNG at Worlds again? | © Riot Games

The LPL is one of the most exciting regions to watch when it comes to Legaue of Legends esports. The reigning World Champions, Edward Gaming, are part of the LPL and while they have looked storng int he LPL post-season they weren't able to overcome Top Esports and will have to play in the Regional Qualifiers. 

Who else has earned enough championship points to make it to the LPL qualifiers for Worlds 2022? Four teams are in the race for a final two spots that will represent the LPL at the biggest esports event of the year. 


LPL Regional Qualifiers: Teams

These are the four teams that have qualified for the regional qualifying bracket of the LPL. You'll see some familiar names and faces on these rosters and it's sad we can't see all of them in North America, right? 


LPL Summer Record

Championship Points #3Royal Never Give Up13 - 3
Championship Points #4Edward Gaming11 - 5
Championship Points #5Victory Five13 - 3
Championship Points #6LNG Esports8 - 8

While Edward Gaming might have had a worse summer record from Victory Five, their success in the post-season earned them more Championship points, which is why they ended up on spot 4 ahead of Rookie and V5. 

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LPL Qualifiers Live-Stream

If you want to follow all the action, then make sure to check out the official LPL YouTube channel or their Twitch channel for all the action. 

Regional Qualifiers Schedule and Format

The format is pretty straightforward for this one. We've got four teams, three games and the winner of the first game will automatically qualify for the 2022 LoL Worlds Championship, while the loser moves onto the final round to see whether they'll make it as the fourth qualifier.

These are the games you can look forward to if you're a fan of the LPL and want some insane bloody League of Legends action. 

Round 1


Edward Gaming are back at the World Championship with their reverse sweep against RNG. With their backs against the wall it was their bot laner Viper who came in clutch, stamping their ticket to the World Championship. 

Round 2


RNG will be the final team to represent the LPL at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship after almost getting reverse swept a second time. 

The teams with the most championship points at the end will be heading to the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. The fourth team is going to have to play in the Play-In stage which will be held in Mexico City though, while the third place team – so whoever manages to win the qualifiers – will have a ticket straight through to New York. 

Will EDG be able to make it to Worlds? And RNG is a must after having won the Mid-Season Invitational... right? Who is going to make it from the four teams? Will DoinB or Rookie be able to win their second World Championship? 

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